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Priscilla Ford  - Ouch Magazine " Millennial Issue'

Priscilla Ford - Ouch Magazine " Millennial Issue'

  Photographer: Eliza Brownlie

1. What do you love more fashion or the entertainment business? I would s_y that they go hand in hand. Half of a great film is its aesthetic. As well, a great costume can really help set the tone of a character.

2. We heard about your amazing indie thriller Without Disguise alongside Angela Sarafyan. Can you tell us more about it and who you play?

I play a higher echelon hacker in an alternate reality named Nicola. It's a concept film based on an alternate reality that is run by an all-knowing Algorithm. The character of David Ajala (Leo) has essentially broken the code, we follow what happens to him and what this new information means for his world.

3. How do you handle it all being a fashion blogger, actress, and model?

Staying organized and rolling with it. I'm not perfect at it but so far so good.

4. How long have you been modeling?

Oh gosh. I'm not sure on and off my whole life. My mom was modeling me when she was pregnant haha.

5. Can you tell us any exciting stories about being on set?

The stories that are really epic I can't say! But I will say they included a comedian and a revolver.

6. Right now who do you admire the most in Hollywood?

Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Selma Hayek and my gosh, I think Blake Lively is perfect.

7. Being also in fashion, what brands do you love?

Marc Jacobs, YSL, Emilio Pucci, Dior, Rag and Bone, Zara…I could go on for ages!

8. Are you dating or single? Any Hollywood crushes?

I'm dating. There are some cuties out there but I'm focused on my man.

9. What projects do you have lined up this year?

I'm currently writing a screenplay hoping to have the final draft polished up this month. And of course auditions

10. Where can fans find you on social media?

@thepriscillaford on IG and @thpriscillaford on Twitter and check out my blog at