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Unravelling Rhoyle Ivy King's New Energy

Unravelling Rhoyle Ivy King's New Energy

Kingdom City Entertainment Photography , 
Braids: Velveda Nelms
Barber: Joshua Paris

What's the real cast like outside of the CW/Netflix’s All American: Homecoming?

We spend most of our time laughing, and eating. The family dinner scenes are very true to how we are the moment those cameras cut. 


 Do you have a bestie on set? 

It’s hard to say. I spend so much of my time with Geffri, Sylvester, and Netta! I would say I spend the most time with Sylvester. If I’m not suffering through his trailer concerts then we’re probably dashing to go get food or going for a drive. Often, we're talking to each other on the phone as we drive home from set. Hands free, I promise!


How long does it take to tape one episode?

It takes 7 to 8 business days to tape one episode. I know that sounds weird, but it specifies that we don’t film on weekends. We can have rehearsals though. Most times we are starting a new episode in the middle of the week, so you have to have your prep done the previous weekend. 


How do you hope your legacy is portrayed as an actor and personality? What will fans remember you for in years to come?

First, is that I’ve always been and always will be a follower of Jesus Christ. It’s where my "leading with love" mentality is rooted in, and I hope that comes across to fans. From there I would want to be remembered as a passionate artist & creative!


What's your beauty/health routine like as a young influencer/actor?

I'm always aiming for 8 hours of sleep and I workout 6 days a week, even with a busy schedule and early call times. It’s probably my number one way of self care. 


What inspires you inlife?

The hope that the art I contribute too, affects & inspires someone in the same way it has for me. 


Did you always know this would be your path in life?

When I was a kid I wanted to be a pilot. If you ask my Granny she’ll say that when she picked me up from daycare I she'd get told that I had snuck my boombox inside and had everyone in a circle as I performed Destiny’s Child songs. So she always knew the path I would end up on. 


What other projects are you working on that you'd like fans to watch out for?

At the moment, I can’t wait for All American: Homecoming Season 2 to land on Netflix this spring! 


How can fans follow you and support you via social media? They can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, & Facebook @RhoyleIvyKing