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Inside the Making of Steph Mi's OFTV Show

Photographer @aceofla

Steph Mi is a creator on OnlyFans. Julian Morales. Steph Mi is an OnlyFans creator who has been on the platform since 2018. In January, she launched an OFTV show.

As a successful model and media personality, you've had the opportunity to work with prestigious brands and grace the pages of renowned publications. What has been the most memorable fashion campaign or editorial shoot you've been a part of, and why?

“One of the most unforgettable editorial shoots I've had the privilege to be a part of was gracing the cover of FHM. As a teenager, I dreamt of such an opportunity, and being featured on the cover of such an iconic magazine was truly a moment of gratitude and fulfillment. While I appreciate every magazine feature I've had, this particular experience holds a special place in my heart.”


Your beauty roots stem from your Korean heritage, which adds a unique element to your overall aesthetic. How do you incorporate elements of your cultural background into your personal style and the fashion choices you make? 

As someone with a Korean heritage, I find that I have an advantage in the fashion realm due to Korea's forward-thinking style. I love incorporating elements of current Korean fashion trends into my personal style, whether it's through makeup, nail art, or unique clothing pieces. By blending these snippets of Korean fashion into my overall aesthetic, I'm able to create a distinctive and on-trend look that reflects both my cultural background and personal style.


You've been a prominent figure in the world of sports and fitness, which undoubtedly influences your personal style. How would you describe the intersection between athleticism and fashion, and how does it inspire your own wardrobe?

The intersection of athleticism and fashion has become a captivating trend, especially with the rise of athleisure wear. I find the blend between streetwear and sports attire to be incredibly appealing. This fusion allows me to express my personal style by confidently pairing heels or Jordans with my outfits, even in upscale settings. It's exciting to witness how the cross between athleticism and fashion has opened up new possibilities for self-expression and sartorial creativity.


"Golf with Mi" has become a popular series where you explore the top golf courses with featured guests. How do you infuse your personal style into the show, and what are some fashion tips you've picked up while traveling to these prestigious locations?

Embarking on the "Golf with Mi" series allowed me to explore my personal style within golfing. I've found a fascination with the classic, timeless look associated with old-money golf fashion. Recently, I've been drawn to the collaboration between Macklemore and Adidas, specifically the stylish collared shirts. Additionally, discovering brands like Bogey Boys has further inspired my fashion choices, aligning perfectly with the aesthetic I appreciate in the golf scene.


Social media has played a significant role in shaping your career and connecting you with your dedicated fan base, known as your "#arMi." How do you use fashion and style to engage with your followers and create a unique online presence?

In my approach to engaging with my dedicated fan base, known as "#arMi," I leverage fashion and style as powerful tools to create a distinct online presence. Taking on the role of producer for my photoshoots allows me to exercise creative control and infuse unique elements into the visuals I share. I strive to incorporate artistry and up-cycled pieces into my content, fostering a sense of creativity and individuality that resonates with my followers and sets me apart in the digital sphere.


Being an advocate for women's empowerment, you often discuss the disparity between men and women. How does fashion contribute to breaking gender stereotypes, and what role do you think it plays in promoting inclusivity and equality?

Fashion, as a form of art, has the power to break gender stereotypes by challenging traditional norms and allowing individuals to express themselves authentically. From women embracing various styles, including dresses and jeans, heels and sneakers, fashion encourages diversity and acceptance. By promoting inclusivity and equality, fashion plays a vital role in empowering individuals to express their true selves, regardless of societal expectations based on gender.


You lead a busy lifestyle, splitting your time between different cities. How does each location influence your fashion choices, and are there any distinct fashion scenes or trends that inspire you in Pennsylvania, New York, or Los Angeles? 

Each city I spend time in has its own unique fashion scene that influences my style choices. In New York, I find inspiration in retro styles, oversized blazers, and vintage pieces. Los Angeles, on the other hand, embraces oversized and athleisure trends, which align with my personal style preferences. In Pennsylvania, I enjoy setting my own trends and creating head-turning looks that showcase my individuality.


Fashion is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging each season. How do you stay ahead of the curve and maintain your personal style while embracing the ever-changing fashion landscape? 

To stay ahead of the curve and maintain my personal style in the ever-changing fashion landscape, I find that traveling to different parts of the country frequently has been instrumental in embracing diverse styles. Additionally, I enjoy incorporating elements of Korean fashion into my wardrobe, which adds a unique touch to my overall style.


You've had the opportunity to work with notable designers and wear stunning creations on the red carpet. Are there any particular fashion designers whose aesthetic resonates with you, and why?

 During my career, I had the privilege of collaborating with remarkable designers, and one whose aesthetic truly resonates with me is Michael Costello. Several years ago, he created a stunning couture dress that perfectly captured my figure and personal style. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail made it not just a tailored garment, but a memorable piece of wearable art that I will cherish forever