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Actor Seth Lee's Exclusive Interview

Actor Seth Lee's Exclusive Interview

Photographer – Storm Santos


Let's start with your upcoming film, "BUGS." Can you share with us a bit about your role in the film and what drew you to this project?


My character Cai is the intern at the Helman Center, an experimental science lab where we find out they’ve been creating lab babies, and manufacturing them to have special talents and abilities. My dedication to my career leads me down the wrong path at first, before meeting the Bardot sisters, where I then realign to my moral compass and help the sisters in their plan to take down the Helman Center.

The initial interest in the project came from wanting to work with the lovely team behind the film, and the script had me hooked from just the first 10 pages. I knew I wanted to support the project in any way I could.


Transitioning from acting to music, what can fans expect from your band, Blowing Raspberries, in the near future?

Hopefully this year we finally get to share an EP. Anyone who listens to indie rock, such as the Arctic Monkeys or Patti Smith, will surely enjoy what we have to offer.


What are the top 5 artists you listen to right now?

Yes , I want them ranked.


Great question. Of course it’s hard to rank them, but I’ll do my best.


The Strokes

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Led Zeppelin

Bon Iver

Frank Ocean


You've modeled for some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. What was that experience like for you, and how do you think it influences your personal style?


I definitely have found myself learning from the stylists, and seeing how they experiment with different fabrics and layering techniques. I’ve since been trying new ideas day in and day out.


As a multi-talented individual, how do you manage your time between acting, music, and modeling?

When it comes to time management, I find it important to only worry about what’s on the agenda one day at a time. If you stress about what’s on the horizon, you will find yourself falling behind and not giving your best effort.


What keeps you dedicated to your craft, especially at such a young age?

For me, I need to stick to my craft because the self expression that comes along with my work, gets me through a lot of highs and lows of my life. This has been the case since I started my journey.


Can you share some tips for maintaining balance amidst your busy schedule and various commitments?

As mentioned before, taking everything one step at a time is key, but also taking time for yourself to escape your routine helps as well. Being able to step away and come back refreshed, will rejuvenate and bring new life into your work.




How do you see fashion trends on the runway differing from those portrayed in film and television, and what trends are you currently excited about?

Well I actually think we might see these two worlds collide a lot sooner rather than later. With the release of Challengers and the collaboration with J.W. Anderson, they took pop culture by storm. I think we will see designers take on more roles in film and TV moving forward, bringing the runway to the big screen.In terms of trends, Western core has been really exciting to see emerge on a larger scale, especially since I’m from Texas.



Skincare is often overlooked, especially by men. Why do you think it's important, and what's your skincare routine like? What brands you can't live without.

I definitely think it’s super important because the confidence it brings can really shift your energy. Even if you don’t see immediate results, you’ll certainly feel refreshed and you’ll feel a difference. My routine consists of a good face wash, followed by a nice toner and moisturizer, and depending on the day I’ll throw in a mask of some kind. It’s basic but I love Cetaphil and Neutrogena. They’re a classic for a reason.



In addition to your career, you're actively involved in community service, like your work with the local food drive. Why is giving back important to you, and how do you find time for it?

I make sure to always find some time to give back, because nothing’s more important than helping others. I’ve felt a great deal of love and inspiration since getting involved in my community, just knowing there are people so passionate about giving a helping hand. Everyone should want to see the world around them grow into a happier, more loving place, and the key is to give back.


Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future, both professionally and personally?

I have a lot of goals I’ve set for myself, that hopefully start coming into fruition. I have a few feature scripts I hope to get up off the ground soon. I’m constantly thinking and writing song ideas, so that’s something to look forward to. In terms of personal life, I’m really wanting to travel more, and specifically go on surfing trips. Most importantly, I’m excited to continue to grow and find ways to step outside my comfort zone.