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Understanding Latinx Entertainers

'Fresh off the Boat' co-star Luna Blaise

'Fresh off the Boat' co-star Luna Blaise

Luna Blaise is an American actress and singer, and is currently in NBC’s Manifest

1. Luna How long have you been acting?

I have been acting professionally since the age of 5.

2. How did you get discovered?

My mom met a producer at a barbecue and showed her my picture, the producer told my mom to call her friend that was an agent at Ford Models. We met with Ford and they signed me straight away. I started out as a model, then started booking commercials but I always wanted to do TV & Film.

3.Whats your personal style?

My personal style is really to look and feel comfortable in the clothes I choose to wear. I feel that when you feel good on the inside it will naturally reflect everything on the outside.

What your favorite outfit?

I love wearing skinny jeans with rips on the knees, soft t-shirts, and flannel wrapped around my waist with converse sneakers.

4.Who's style other than your own do find really cool?

Elle Fanning and Taylor Swift

5.What fun hobbies or other talents do you have?

I love to do dub-smashes with my friends. I also love taking Ballet.

6. If you could be anything what would it be between a cat or a dog or a bird and why?

A cat without a doubt, because they always find a cozy place to snuggle and sleep all day.

7. What your favorite to least favorite color?

My favorite color is grey, my least favorite color is lime green.

8. Where did you grow up and what your nationality?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. My dad is Scottish from Glasgow, Scotland and my mother is Mexican-American from Texas.

9. Do you have any food recipes that you make for yourself?

I don't cook a lot, but I do make a super yummy Organic smoothie with raspberries, strawberries, bananas with yogurt and honey.

10. Tell ouch! About your role on 'Fresh off the boat', what is your character like?

My character on the show is named Nicole she lives with her dad Marvin ( Ray Wise ) and step-mom Honey ( Chelsey Crisp ). They live next door to The Huang Family. Nicole is sassy and marches to the beat of her own drum. She is a typical teenager with strong opinions about life. She doesn't really fit into the suburban box of the neighborhood and hates her step-mom and doesn't care that everyone knows this including Honey. Eddie ( Hudson Yang ) instantly falls in love with her. Both of them have strong ideas about growing up and living in Orlando, Florida. She doesn't give him the time of day, and this intrigues him even more. She is a straight up REAL. I think they have many much more in common than they even know.

11. Do you have any other projects you'd like to share? I shot a film called "Memoria" due for release later this year. The film is based on The Palo Alto Stories by James Franco. A coming of age film about a young boy named Ivan Cohen, his dysfunctional family, his slacker group of friends, his love for a girl who doesn't know he exists and trying to see where he fits into all this madness. Also, this summer I am shooting an indie horror film called "Scared to Death" written and directed by Paul Boyd.

12. Okay now for the good stuff. Do you have any Hollywood crushes? Ansel Elgort and Eddie Redmayne Why?

Ansel, because he is just so dreamy and a great actor. Eddie, because his performance in “Theory of Everything” really inspired me. Also, Steven Spielberg, not as a crush but he’s top of my wishlist of people I want to work with.

13. Who's in your music collection?

We listen and play music with my family and watch a lot of films. So musically I listen and appreciate every genre. As for my playlist right now: Ed Sheeran, Meghan Trainor, Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, and Kanye West

  • 14. Answer one-word -- Twitter or Instagram?

  • Instagram

  • 15. Answer one word Boys or Shopping?

  • Shopping without a doubt!

  • 16. Answer one-word Dinner or Party?

  • I love to dance so it has to be a party.

17. That was fun. How can readers reach out to you?

Social Media, Instagram/lunablaiseboyd, and through Much and House PR.

18.Do you have any last comments?

Hmm... I hope that everyone that reads this is inspired to work hard for your dreams. You just have to stay focused and never give up. All things are possible. Always make wise choices in your journey of life.

Be respectful to everyone you meet. Remember to laugh as much as you can because it makes you feel good. Look out for "Fresh off the Boat" Season 2 on ABC and finally thank you to everyone at OUCH Magazine Latina. It was nice to meet you and we look forward to watching you on 'Fresh off the Boat' season 2.
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