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Albert Nicholas  Nickelodeon’s ‘The Astronauts’ x Ouch Magazine

Albert Nicholas Nickelodeon’s ‘The Astronauts’ x Ouch Magazine

Photographer : Jenna Berman

The past year has been significantly busy for Albert Nicholas. He appeared as Charlie Collins in Nickelodeon’s ‘The Astronauts’, played Reza in The CW’s anthology horror series ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories’, and can be seen as Naps in the feature film ‘Little Fish’, which is now available in select theaters, and on digital platforms and cable VOD. For Albert, there seems to be no sign of slowing down. 



Tell me a little more about your role in “The Astronauts”?
I got to play Charlie Collins, the smart, retro rocker type, Flight Activities Officer at the Helios Mission Control Centre. I support Director Bellows, as well as all the parents, by relaying information and making sure the ship is properly functioning. One thing I love about my character is the wardrobe. While everyone else in Mission Control is sporting more office/professional attire, Charlie really sticks out with his graphic Ts, Dickies and Converse… almost bringing a relaxed vibe amidst the chaos that happens through the series.

What was your very first role ever?
If we are talking TV and film, I played Jonah, a fallen angel in season 11 of Supernatural. If you mean ever in life, I did a French play when I was 10 where I played a shepherd who narrated the story.


How old were you when you started your career?
I started acting in theatre when I was nineteen but really decided to pursue it as a career when I got my first agent at twenty-two.

How different is acting in theatre versus working on a movie set?
In general there is a much longer rehearsal process in theatre than in film. Theatre shows can be rehearsed for months before a performance, and since it’s happening live, you have to be able to think quickly on your feet as mistakes happen. In film, if there is a mistake, you’re able to cut and restart - however, you’re usually not rehearsing until the shoot day, lines can change on the spot, and you’re shooting scenes out of order; so as an actor you have to be able to zero in on your emotions as you’re keeping track of your character’s journey.

Acting is acting, but the medium changes the execution. For instance, in theatre it can sometimes feel like you’re pushing emotions outward as you need to reach the back row (unless you’re mic’d), so the body and the voice can become more theatrical. In film, the camera is essentially the audience, so everything becomes more contained and it feels more like a private conversation with your scene partner(s).

There is something to be said about acting in theatre and performing in front of a live audience. It has an entire different feel for me, which brings a kind of unexplainable electric energy. On the flip-side, there is a level of intimacy and realism that can only be felt in film. They both fulfill me, and I plan to continue being on stage and on the screen in my career.




How do you keep your Maine together? Any curly hair secrets for men?
The trick is to do nothing. It’s pretty wild and I kind of just let my hair do what it wants. Honestly, if you have any secrets, please share them with me.

Where do you call home and where have you never been that you'd love to visit?
Home to me is still where I grew up in Ottawa, but eventually I plan to make LA my home. There are many places I’d love to visit… but off the top of my head Santorini, Africa, Antarctica.

What other projects should your fans watch out for this year and 2022?
I can’t really speak to my upcoming projects but stay tuned my friends.

Where can fans follow you on social media outlets?
Instagram: @albert.nicholas
Twitter: @_albertnicholas