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Actress Justina Adorno on having a great family

Actress Justina Adorno on having a great family

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Adorno is a Bronx native, but grew up in Columbia, South Carolina. She is the oldest of four siblings and has always had a passion for the performing arts and higher education. Growing up, Adorno excelled in magnet programs including a middle school leadership program that introduced her to the theater world.

“Grand Hotel” is a great family drama! How did you get involved with the show?

I originally auditioned with Marci Philips (Casting Director at ABC) for the role of Alicia, another character on the show, and later on, I auditioned for the role of Yoli. I fell in love with Yoli because she’s so relatable and keeps it real. I feel so grateful to be telling her story.

How different are you from your character Yoli?

We are very different, and I keep realizing this as the season has progressed. However, Yoli has changed me and has made me a better person. I am more confident, and I have a lot more patience thanks to her!

What’s the best part about working on the show? Any favorite moment on set you can share? 

The best part was working with the cast and crew. One of my favorite memories was running around with Feliz Ramirez [Carolina] after being wrapped and we were being silly pretending to be secret agents. We let out our childlike essence and let it emerge. Haha, it was fun!

Can you describe how your character has evolved throughout the season?

Yoli has evolved so much with her openness within her sexuality and expressing herself. I’ve had a lot of “Grand Hotel” fans reach out and express how they feel so supported because they related so much to Yoli’s journey and that made me so proud that I was able to be their voice through her.

Tell us about your vegan journey. What made you decide to live a vegan lifestyle?

I love animals so much! When I finally accepted the fact that loving something doesn’t equal hurting it. I truly let that settle in me and eating animals was never a question.

We see you're passionate about animals. What led you to help out organizations such as Little Wanderers?

I kept seeing little kittens and injured cats around my neighborhood and I just needed to help. I couldn’t walk past another baby and not help.