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LGBTQIA Advocate Apollo Mighty  in Ouch Magazine

LGBTQIA Advocate Apollo Mighty in Ouch Magazine

Photographer: Alexus McLane

LGBTQIA Advocate Apollo Mighty  in Ouch Magazine/1

Do you write your own songs? If yes, what's the process?

I do actually. The process varies but for the most part it starts with an emotion. I like to channel what I’m feeling or what the music calls for into creating lyrics and melodies.


What would your fans describe you as? Do you have a fan name yet?

Haha. Hopefully that sees me as authentic and vulnerable. I guess I never really think about it. I’m just trying to be myself more than anything. My fans should call themselves the humans. Lmao


What's your style off stage and on stage?

I'm not sure how it reads to other people, but I feel pretty powerful on stage, like I'm working magic almost. I enjoy the sort of electric feeling that pulses through me when I'm performing. Off stage I’m pretty chill nowadays. I like to watch tv and laugh with my friends. I'm pretty boring honestly. 


What's your favorite band? 

Off the top of my head my favorite bands are the Beatles 


What do you wish to see in the LGBTQIA community and the Black Lives Matter movement's future advancement?

They're both important causes and they share a lot of similarities. I see people from sides focusing solely on their agendas instead of fighting oppression as a whole.  Letting any kind of inequality exist hurts all of us.


Do you think there are still real talented musicians?

I do. I think we're all inspired by the past in some ways and it's helping us forge new paths into the future especially sonically. Musicianship is just taking on different forms and its affording more options as music makers and listeners.



What inspires you in life? 

I'm inspired by curiosity and understanding. I'm inspired by the power of change and the concept of hope. I'm inspired by the freedom of choice and by the ability to learn from mistakes and growth.


How do you stay humble and focused? 

I'm constantly checking myself and I surround myself with people that will call me out if I'm acting out of purpose. In terms of being focused I'm not always. I give myself time to be lazy and spontaneous without judgement. That way when it's time to work and focus I have the bandwidth to stay with it until it's done.


Single or ready to mingle? 

I’m spoken for currently.


What's in your own personal music collection top 3?


God’s Property- Kirk Franklin


Lemonade- Bey

Anti- Rihanna 

Life of Pablo -Ye

These are just the last few things that I’ve listened to and I can sing the whole album


Where can fans reach out to you via social media?

I use all my socials pretty regularly - ApolloMighty on everything .



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