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These Celebrities Will Be Celebrating National CBD Day

These Celebrities Will Be Celebrating National CBD Day

As National CBD Day approaches on August 8th, it's an opportune moment to explore how some of Hollywood's biggest names have embraced CBD for its diverse benefits.


From pain management to anxiety relief, some of the biggest stars have openly shared their positive experiences with CBD.


To provide expert insight on this growing wellness trend, we've consulted Tony Spencer, CEO and founder of Spruce CBD, a leading supplier of high-quality CBD products.


"While celebrity experiences with CBD are interesting, it's important to approach CBD use thoughtfully. Consult with healthcare professionals, especially if you have existing health conditions or are taking medications. Quality and transparency should always be your top priorities when choosing CBD products."

What is CBD Anyway?

"CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in hemp plants," explains Spencer. "Unlike THC, it doesn't produce a 'high' but offers potential therapeutic benefits for various conditions."


Available in creams, gummies, oils, etc., CBD can help manage pain, improve sleep, and more.

Celebrities Who Use CBD

1. Jennifer Aniston

Uses CBD for: Pain, stress, and anxiety management


Jennifer Aniston has been vocal about using CBD to help manage pain, stress, and anxiety.


According to Spencer, "Aniston's endorsement highlights CBD's versatility in addressing both physical and mental well-being. Her experience underscores the importance of high-quality CBD products that can provide consistent relief."

2. Kim Kardashian

Uses CBD for: Sleep and stress management


Kim Kardashian made headlines with her CBD-themed baby shower.


"Having someone as high-profile as Kim Kardashian publicly embrace CBD has significantly boosted its visibility and acceptance," notes Spencer. "Her influence helps destigmatize CBD, making it more accessible to a broader audience. It's crucial, however, to remember that everyone's experience with CBD can be different."

3. Morgan Freeman

Uses CBD for: Chronic pain from fibromyalgia


After a serious car accident in 2008, Morgan Freeman turned to CBD to manage chronic pain.


Spencer explains, "Freeman's use of CBD for fibromyalgia showcases its potential as a natural pain management tool. CBD can be a valuable option for those seeking alternatives to traditional pain medications, but it's always important to consult with a healthcare provider."

4. Tom Hanks

Uses CBD for: Anxiety and arthritis pain


Tom Hanks uses CBD to manage anxiety and arthritis pain. He's also involved in research on CBD's potential benefits for Type 2 diabetes.


"Hanks' involvement in CBD research has highlighted the potential of CBD in addressing chronic conditions beyond just pain and anxiety,” thinks Spencer. This kind of celebrity-backed research can help drive further scientific studies."

5. Olivia Wilde

Uses CBD for: Muscle relaxation


Actress and director Olivia Wilde uses CBD lotion to relax her muscles after performances.


Spencer comments, "Wilde's preference for CBD over conventional painkillers reflects a growing trend towards natural remedies. CBD topicals can offer targeted relief without the systemic side effects associated with some pharmaceuticals."

6. Mandy Moore

Uses CBD for: Foot pain relief


Mandy Moore uses CBD topical creams to soothe sore feet from long hours on the red carpet.


"Moore's use of CBD topicals for foot pain is a great example of how CBD can be integrated into everyday wellness routines," says Spencer. "Topical applications are ideal for localized pain and inflammation, making them perfect for issues like foot discomfort."

7. Whoopi Goldberg

Uses CBD for: Women's health issues


Whoopi Goldberg co-founded a cannabis company focused on women's health issues.


"Goldberg's focus on women's health issues with CBD is commendable,” said Spencer. “Her advocacy brings attention to CBD's potential in addressing specific health concerns that are often overlooked, particularly in the realm of menstrual health."

8. Kristen Bell

Uses CBD for: Anxiety management


Actress Kristen Bell uses CBD oil to manage anxiety. "Bell's candid discussions about using CBD for anxiety resonate with many people," says Spencer. "Mental health is a critical area where CBD shows promising benefits. Her openness helps reduce stigma around both CBD use and mental health discussions."

9. Michael J. Fox

Uses CBD for: Parkinson's disease symptom management


Michael J. Fox uses CBD to manage his Parkinson's symptoms and his foundation researches CBD's potential benefits for neurodegenerative diseases.


"Fox's use of CBD and his foundation's research efforts are inspiring," notes Spencer. "Exploring CBD's neuroprotective properties could pave the way for new treatments in neurodegenerative diseases."

10. Gwyneth Paltrow

Uses CBD for: General wellness and beauty


Through her lifestyle brand Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow has popularized CBD use in beauty and wellness.


"Paltrow's endorsement through Goop has significantly influenced the wellness industry. Her support helps validate CBD's place in modern health and beauty routines,” says Spencer.


As these celebrities demonstrate, CBD has a wide range of potential applications that can enhance various aspects of life. Whether it's for pain relief, stress management, or skincare, the growing acceptance and use of CBD are helping to normalize this powerful plant-based compound.

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