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Fashion and Music with Honey County

Fashion and Music with Honey County

Fashion and Music with Honey County

Photographer: Jade Lorna
Make-up: Felicia Bade / Make-up: Jessie Yarborough
Design: Maranda Nichols Persico
Lighting assistant: Miranda Ra


Rooted in southern storytelling, punctuated by pop hooks, and brushed with California sunshine, Honey County is a harmony-heavy country duo featuring Dani Rose and Sofie Lynn.  Dani Rose and Sofie Lynn recently opened for Billy Ray Cyrus

Formed in Los Angeles, the band also has roots in the Bible Belt (where founding member Rose sang her first songs as a Virginia native) and Texas (where Lynn fell in love with country music while studying nursing at Baylor University). That diversity is reflected in Honey County's music, a blend of contemporary country and timeless pop/rock that makes room for Nashville twang, West Coast harmonies and everything in between. You won't be able to find Honey County on a map — instead, Rose and Lynn create their own musical landscape: a place where the songs are anthemic, the harmonies are soaring, and two empowered women run the show.  

It's a sound that's taken Honey County around the world, from international shows in the Middle East and Africa to performances at American festivals like Stagecoach and CMA Fest. Along the way, they've earned raves from Rolling Stone Country (whose editors named Honey County one of "10 new country artists you need to know"), the LA Times (who rallied behind the resilient anthem "Country Strong," which Honey County performed alongside 150 line dancers at Stagecoach 2019 in commemoration of the lives lost at the Route 91 Harvest Festival) Billboard and People Magazine. Their songs have been featured in NFL commercials, HBO's True Blood, CW's Roswell and three episodes of Yellowstone (with "Cigarette" appearing in the show's Season Three premiere), as well as curated playlists on Spotify New Music Nashville, CMT's The Roundup) and Apple Music Cool Country, Hot Tracks). With support from radio outlets Radio Disney Country, KFROG, and Go Country 105 and a string of opening slots for country hitmakers Lady Antebellum, Thompson Square, Old Dominion, Honey County has left its unique mark onstage, on-air and in the recording studio.

 Newer releases like “Cry Wolf” and “Love Hangover” continue the duo's tradition of matching super-sized hooks with lyrics that shine a light on the modern-day female experience. These songs are rallying cries for anyone who has loved, lost or longed for something just out of reach, and their personal details — written by Rose, Lynn and a tight group of collaborators — only make them more universal.   Their latest release “Got it From My Mama” has a whopping 2 Million+ views on TikTok, and shines a light on the deep-rooted pride and love both women share for their mothers’.  Fueled by an appreciation for the country artists who've come before them and an appetite for breaking new ground, Honey County is excited to release new music and chase down new horizons. 


ouch magazine aug 2021

How did you get started as singers? Do you write your own songs?
We have both been singing since before we can even remember. We decided to join forces in 2019 after I (Sofie) saw Dani perform at the House Of Blues in Anaheim. I reached out to her on Instagram asking if she wanted to write together and the rest is history. 

Yes, we love writing our own music! It is the best way to express ourselves.

What was your first song you ever heard that you fell in love with?
Sofie: The first song I ever learned on guitar to sing and play was Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland. I was around 12 years old and that was the moment I knew I wanted to do music for the rest of my life and looking back now I realize that was the moment my heart was set on Country music specifically. 

Dani: Midnight Rider - Allman Brothers, my dad used to play this one all the time and I loved the harmonies & the mystery of the lyrics.  Also, 'Any Man of Mine' by Shania was my favorite song to dance to when I was a kid, haha!

What's your favorite song of all time? Who's your ideal person/band to collaborate with?
We both LOVE performing Man, I Feel Like A Woman. It is one of those songs that no matter how many times you’ve heard it or played it on stage, as soon as you hear that first intro lick people are going crazy, dancing and singing, and we are doing the exact same on stage. We would obviously love to do something with Shania. We would also love to collaborate with Keith Urban and Sofie’s personal request would be a duet with USHER. 

How do you describe your fan base, and do you have a name for your fans?
We have an amazing and diverse fan base, and we're grateful for each one of them! We haven't seen or heard a name for them yet, but I'm sure there's something out there haha.

We love your style. Who are your style icons and or who's your favorite fashion designers?
Thank you! Maranda Nichols Persico is our amazing costume designer, and she always puts us in the coolest looks! We’re especially excited about our custom costume that she is making for our show on August 4th with Cole Swindell at the OC Fair. 

I will say one word and tell me what one word describes them to you.
a. Dolly Patron: The Queen 
b. Hank Williams: Classic 
c. Shania Twain: Electric 
d. Willie Nelson: Legend 


What products do you have coming up you'd like your fans to watch out for?
We are super excited to announce the release of our music video for our most recent single, Got It From My Mama.

How can fans reach out to you via social media?
We are on all social media platforms @honeycounty 
We love meeting new friends on Instagram and TikTok!



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