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Gigi Rich a Refreshing New Artist

Gigi Rich a Refreshing New Artist

How would you describe your core sound?

I do talk a lot about how much I love soul and funk music, but I really also love modern pop. So my core sound is truly a mix of the two! I like to say I'm pop with a lot of old school influences

How did you come up with the sound for the EP “All in my Head"?

It's just the kind of sound that came out naturally. I grew up listening and appreciating a lot of different music, but I always gravitated toward the more soulful stuff. It just flows out on its own now.

How many of the songs on the EP did you write? 

I wrote 'Still Want You' and 'Mr. Bossman' on my own and everything else I co wrote :)...and, I have to say, with some pretty cool writers.

What song is your favorite on the EP and why?

Still Want You. It's my most personal song and I always love when a song doesn't need a ton of production to make it sound just right. For this song, it's only keys and strings! I wrote it in about an hour...and it was one of those moments that I knew exactly what I wanted to say.

How do you describe your personal style?

I'm sort of an extremist. I'm either wearing all black or I'm super colorful and crazy. It reflects my personality...and my mood, lol.

What other music do you enjoy that's not in your genre?

I looove rock music. I'm a huge fan of The Pretty Reckless! I also listen to a lot of hip-hop. I am a big Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean fan.

What type of things in life inspire you?

Everything inspires me. Art inspires me, new people I meet inspire me. Everyone I encounter brings out a different part of me or a different

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