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Ashley Brinton : Ouch Magazine One to Watch in Music

Ashley Brinton : Ouch Magazine One to Watch in Music

Photographer: Lynn Parks


How would you describe your style as a musician? I would describe myself as a pop musician with an urban twist.

Who is out there already that you concerned your soulmate as far as music?

I feel that Selena Gomez is my soulmate in music. I can relate to her and her boyfriend isn't bad either. Love The Weeknd.

What types of things inspire you? I get inspired by everything for my music. It can be a place I am at or the people I am with. Sometimes even food or crazy ice cream flavors. Inspiration is all around me. 


Do you write songs? If so which ones?

I co-write my songs. I write poetry for all of my inspiration and then when we are in the studio it all just starts flowing together at the right moment. I don't wanna lose your love was written by my Grammy-winning producer Cory Rooney. I take it all in and am learning from the best. I want to be the best writer I can be.

How important is your style to you?

My music style is very important to me, however, it will always be forever changing as I grow and progress as an artist.

Do you take social media seriously? If so what do you think about celebrities posting everything on Instagram?

I think that social media is fun and I like to post my personal experiences with everyone. I think its cool if celebrities post everything as long as its real and not just to get followers.

What are your hobbies or hidden talents?

One of my hobbies is knitting. They call me a grandma in the studio when I knit. I also love to bake and cook. Ballet is a hobby I really enjoy

My single "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love" will be available on all platforms officially May 1st and I'm hoping to release an EP shortly after. My fans can reach me through all my social media platforms however I am building a website to help me interact with my fans and share more content. I've been in the studio making new records as much as possible between school, but We are currently putting together a promo tour for the summer and I'm super excited about that.

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