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International Rising Pop Artist  Ivy Layne

International Rising Pop Artist Ivy Layne

Photographer: Geoff Barrenger   



What inspired you to blend Caribbean rhythm and European funk?

What inspired me the most to create this whole genre of Caribbean rhythm and European funk fusion is diversity. Diversity and inclusion are the perfect way to get along and understand each other. I believe it was a no-brainer to combine both sounds from growing up and Europe listening to European funk. My whole team is from the Caribbean and they introduced me to the different sounds of the islands such as dancehall, soca, kompa. The melody and rhythm are too infectious not to be inspired.

 When did you start singing?

I started to perform and sing when I was 7 years old. My family has old footage of me singing and entertaining friends and family. It’s always been a part of me; I love the feeling I get when I see someone that has been moved by my music.

 Who inspires you?

Prince, Michael Jackson, Sade, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Gwen Stefani inspire me.

 What would you say your style and sounds compare to?

I am hoping that I start a new genre with a fusion of Caribbean rhythm and European funk music. These are two different worlds and types of music when you think about it, but both have catchy melodies.

 Do you write your own songs, and if so which ones?

I had input in all of the songs

from the EP, it was a collaborative process between the producer, writers, and me.

 What is your personal fashion style?

I’m very simple, clean, and I don’t like anything too crazy. I do not follow the trend. Every once in awhile, I like to wear something fun and poppy. I’m obsessed with shoes. I’m probably a shoe addict. I love to dress simple and then make my shoe game stand out.

 What type of music would you never consider doing?

I don’t think artists should limit themselves. At the end of the day, you get inspired at the most unexpected place. I can’t say that I won’t do a style of music.

Who would be the ideal person for you to do a duet with on a song?

Prince, I know it would never happen. May God rest his soul. I was inspired by Prince’s artistry.

Single or not? What is your type?

Single, but my career is my focus right now. I don’t have a type. It has to do with chemistry and personality.

Where do you call home? NYC, LA, and the South of France.

What are your secret beauty tips?

Making sure I get enough sleep. I drink a lot of water and stay positive!

 How can fans reach out to you on social media?

Facebook- Ivylayneofficial Twitter- Invylayne_music

Instagram- Ivylayneofficial

Snapchat- Ivylaynemusic Website- 

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