Whats new in music an exclusive with CHEWII - OUCH MAGAZINE

Whats new in music an exclusive with CHEWII

How long have you been interested in music?  I grew up in a musical household so I was always getting sonic stimulation from my parents and the music they played. I remember watching Whitney Houston perform for the first time and feeling overwhelmed by emotion and truly falling in love with the art of music and specifically, singing.   At what age did you become aware...

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Move over here come Devin Kennedy Music - OUCH MAGAZINE

Move over here come Devin Kennedy Music 1. Where did you get your sound from or who and or  what inspires your music?  I grew up listening to rock/pop-punk music. Through middle school and high school I was heavily influenced by bands like All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, We The Kings, My Chem and many more. As I grew up I got into artists like John Mayer and Mike Posner....

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Ouch Magazine Ones to Watch in Music KTJ & CARLY-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

Ouch Magazine Ones to Watch in Music KTJ & CARLY

Photography by  Madelynn Elyse   How long have you been in entertainment?   We have been in entertainment for a little over 13 years. We have always been singing and entertaining since we came out of the womb, but we started our career in the acting industry before really getting into the music industry. -KTJ   After five years of being signed with a commercial...

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Nikki Era the Music and the Person-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

Nikki Era the Music and the Person

    in magazine photo credits: Alex Reckert, Sky Rizzo, Sky Rizzo, and Mikey Pop What is it about the 80s era that you are drawn to? I just love how BIG everything was back then in every way. The fashion choices, hairstyles, makeup, synths, drums, etc! It was such an excessive time and unapologetically gaudy. I'm obsessed with that! That's why I wanted to incorporate that concept into the LP title...

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Inanna an indie pop duo exclusive interview-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

Inanna an indie pop duo exclusive interview

Artist info below: Twitter: @inanna_na Instagram: @inanna__na   1. What is the process that you go through to write a song? Hannah: I’ll field this one since I wrote the EP. I have three main types of songwriting that I’ve noticed, and they’re more types of inspiration, I won’t just sit down and force it. The first is a random flash, like I’ll be cooking and a...

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Music Artist Nella Cole featured in Ouch Magazine Dec 2018-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

Music Artist Nella Cole

Photography:Hana Haley interview @ouchmagazineny / Rhonda McKnight 1. How long have you been a recording artist? Who discovered you?    I started recording the summer after I graduated high school. Fun fact: I didn’t even apply to any colleges because I was set on a performing career! The first place I ever recorded original music was at CBS studios. I submitted to a casting call...

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Singer Judith Hill x Ouch Magazine-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

Singer Judith Hill x Ouch Magazine

Photographer Smallz & Raskin     What inspired you and why did it take so long to release your own cd? I'm inspired when I jam with musicians. That is how many great songs have come to life for me. I spent a lot of time working with different producers and songwriters, all of which were great experiences. However, it took a long time because I was...

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Recording Artist One To Watch "Peche" - OUCH MAGAZINE

Recording Artist One To Watch "Peche"

    Photographer: Andrekza Vasquez  When did you realize you wanted to become a musician/artist?I don't think it's something I wanted, but something that just happened. Since I was a little kid, I've experience art in different ways. My mother got me into art school when I was younger, and I started to learn about painting, sculpting, and more. I've loved art since I can...

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