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Making Money as an Influencer - ouch magazine

Making Money as an Influencer

Looking for an additional income or a full time career that you love? Influencing could tick all of your boxes. Becoming an influencer has plenty of perks. You gain attention, fans and will be generally renowned. Influencers are able to generate money by collaborating with brands to promote and advertise their products. You might take payment in the form of freebies or in actual money....

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How Instagram Influencer Marketing Works - ouch magazine

How Instagram Influencer Marketing Works

Each time you tap on your instagram app, it is highly likely that you will have been targeted by ads through people with large followings. It doesn’t matter whether its new blends of coffee designed to help you to lose your post holiday bulge, or teeth straightening options such as clear aligners- Influencer marketing has taken the world of social media by storm.  Instagram users...

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