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Adam Waheed One of the most powerful comedic influencers

Adam Waheed One of the most powerful comedic influencers

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Adam Waheed, one of the leading comedians and influencers in America right now, who has made the leap from digital to screen with his timely new film TRIBES, which just won Best Comedy at LA SHORTS and is the first of its kind to feature every type of race and gender. The film is already acquiring Oscar buzz. 

TRIBES, his timely and comedic short film in which he stars and produced, chronicles 3 guys of different ethnicities who rob a train car… Its overall message is that despite our differences we are all more alike. It’s a hilarious yet thought provoking film that is enjoyable for all audiences.  The film has made the rounds in the festival circuit achieving great acclaim; it was an


official selection for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and the Sonoma International Film Festival amongst others, and won Best Short Film at Just For Laughs- Eat My Shorts. 

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It's great to interview a fellow New Yorker. I know you moved to the West Coast but what are the best things about NYC?
The best things about NYC are the atmosphere, energy and most definitely the pizza.
What's your biggest goal now for 2021 as far as personal and professional?
My biggest goal for 2021 is to be the biggest actor, writer, and director in the world.
How do you stay humble and true to yourself, being a rising star?
stay humble by reminding myself how far I’ve come and how much further have to go.
Tell me a little bit about your character in the short film, “TRIBES” and what is Tribes about?
ribes is about three guys from different ethnic backgrounds who realize they aren’t so different from each other. They come to find out no matter what race, gender, etc. you are, we all have commonalities that make us human. My character is a tough / mysterious guy on the outside but throughout the film, he shows he’s actually caring, and doesn’t want to go through with committing a crime. 
What are your inspirations to make films? Did you study film making or are you self-taught?
I’m self-taught and my inspiration is to make people laugh.


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How important is social media to you? Which platform is your favorite?

“Social media is very important to me. Choosing a favorite platform is like choosing a favorite child, I love them all!”
 What advice would you give to people who want to have a career like yours?
Advice I would give to people who want a career like mine would be to start creating now and not wait around for a perfect time.  

Let's talk about hair. I love your hair. How do you manage it?
Give us the daily grooming routine.
I use a homemade pomade that I will soon release so everyone can have hair like mine. 
Who or what would be the ultimate collaboration of your life?
My dream collaboration would be with Netflix.
How can fans reach out to you and are there any other projects we should know about?
Fans can slide into my DMs (@adamw). As for other projects, I’m making my first comedy feature film this year.