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#amfad All My Friends Are Dead (exclusives)

#amfad All My Friends Are Dead (exclusives)

A group of college friends rent an Airbnb for the biggest music festival of the year. A weekend of partying quickly takes a turn, as the group is murdered one by one, according to their sin.

Jade Pettyjohn , Jennifer Ens , Julian Haig , Michaella Russell  and Jack Doupe-Smith 




DIRECTOR: Marcus Dunstan (Saw Franchise); WRITERS:

Jessica Sarah Flaum (Family Tree) and Josh Sims (“PBC”); CINEMATOGRAPHER: Andy Hodgson (Woodland); PRODUCERS: Sarah Donnelly (Kindling) and Kirk Shaw (The Hurt Locker); EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Yolanda Macias (“Chonda Pierce Presents: Stand Up for Families”) and Erick Opeka (“CONtv Insider”);CO-PRODUCER: Jessica Schwartz (“Siwa Dance Pop Revolution”)



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