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5 Stars Who Shone in SAAF GARMENTS at the 2024 Gold House Gala

5 Stars Who Shone in SAAF GARMENTS at the 2024 Gold House Gala


SAAF GARMENTS is based in New York, garments are produced in India, footwear in Italy, and materials are sourced worldwide with Italian leathers and Indian textiles, resulting in a collection that is authentically global. Much like the cultures that are woven together with every release, other seemingly contrasting influences make a bold statement in each campaign. Tailoring mixes with streetwear-inspired styling, masculine blends with feminine, and light pairs with dark, for a truly dynamic collection that fills a void in the current market.

 5 stars who absolutely nailed the gold carpet looks in SAAF GARMENTS, including Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk, Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Gordon Cormier, Actor Saagar Shaikh, as well as The Sympathizer’s Hoa Xuande and Duy Nguyen.


Bobby Berk 

LOOK: Pleated Long JacketPleated CummerbundTailored PantLoafer


STYLIST: Benjamin Holtrop


 Gordon Cormier


LOOK: Cropped BlazerOversized Lounge ShirtTailored Pant


STYLIST:  Juliet Vo




Hoa Xuande


LOOK: Cropped BlazerLounge ShirtTailored Pant


STYLIST:  Chloe Takayanagi


 Saagar Shaikh


LOOK: Pleated Long JacketPleated CummerbundLounge ShirtTailored Pant


STYLIST:  Nausheen Shah




Duy Nguyen


LOOK: Oversized Lounge Shirt


STYLIST: Amanda Lim