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Ultimate Guide to Asian American Entertainment

Trailblazer in Comedy Jiaoying Summer

Trailblazer in Comedy Jiaoying Summer

Photographer Harrison Summers 

Jiaoying Summers is emerging as one of the hottest Asian-American females in comedy. Blowing up TikTok with over 1 million followers and 18 million likes, Jiaoying’s controversial material focusing on her Chinese heritage got her banned for a period from the Chinese-owned social media giant. She has Tik-Tok that have received over 10.7 million views. 

How is it that you went into the comedic fields ? Whats is your style on stage? 

Do you write your own jokes?

I was always the funny kid and I have such a passion to make people laugh and make them happy. I started with acting and my acting coach Howard Fine told me that I have a gift in comedy. John Singleton was one who urged me to try standup. 

My style on stage is witty and dark. I write all my jokes.  

Do you have any person that is a comedian that you aspire to be like ?

I love Lenny Bruce, I love to push the boundaries, I swear by freedom of speech. I believe in great comedy can heal lost souls. 

How often are you on Tik Tok? Can you give any advice to all the people who want more followers on Tik Tok?

I'm on Tik Tok almost every other day.

Produce good content, be authentic and be consistent is a great way to build a following. 


What inspires you in Life? How do you stay humble?

My mom inspires me so much. I remember when I was having my 2nd baby, people tell me :"do you know that after then second baby you will never be able have a career anymore." I know that my mom raised 3 kids and runs few restaurants,  nobody died. Mom works hard and she held the standard very high. I'm so grateful my mom is helping me with the babies and I can always turn into her for advice. 

How do you stay humble?

I never think I'm good enough, always trying to get better at what I do. 

What projects should we watch out for this year  2022 and even 2023?

I'm producing and starring in comedy reality show Project Funny with the Laugh Factory

Whats your beauty or health  routine like in a day?

I drink plenty of water, eat lots of veggie, drink red wine. Most importantly I won't let bad energy bother me. 

If you did a tv show what would it be about? Who would  be your co-star?

Me running 2 comedy clubs and pursuing a comedy career and my husband is trying to stop me, let's call it The Marvelous Mrs. Summers. My co-star is Brad Pitt .

What do you call your fans? Whats your fanbase like in general and why do you think they love to follow your career?

I call them funny babies and they hate it. My fans are mostly in North America, Europe , Austria and Asia.  

How can new fans reach out and find you via social media? Any last words?

Email me for any questions of brand

Follow me  Instagram /Twitter / Facebook / Tiktok/YouTube  @jiaoyingsummers