Understanding Mature Skin: All You Need to Know with Abella Skin Care

Understanding Mature Skin: All You Need to Know with Abella Skin Care


The Founder and President of Abella Skin Care, Eliana Belmonte, DDS, L.E is a health connoisseur, mother of 2 daughters, and patron of art & culture. She was born & raised on the island of Dominican Republic in the heart of the Caribbean. Eliana has over 30 years of experience in health care, cosmeceutical and the beauty industries. She has a background of working with physicians and patients to create a connection between procedures and products for optimal results. Eliana’s mission is to support diversity and focuses on the demand for specialized formulas that are compatible with all skin types including ethnic skin.


How do you achieve ageless youthful skin?
What are some helpful fall/winter skincare?
There are 3 key ingredients:
1- Taking care of your skin by using select quality products, wearing sunscreen daily, and being consistent with exfoliating or facials
2 - a healthy diet that includes salads and juicing
3- daily movement or exercise

During the summer, be aware that too much sun exposure has consequences. Depending on your skin type you can show increased freckles or dark spots, micropigmentation or melasma or after prolonged exposure, even skin cancer. For winter - take a more mild approach with your cleansing, Vitamin C is a great product for year round use and especially in winter to help reduce redness and create a barrier on the skin. Year round, wear sunscreen every day and if necessary schedule treatments with a skin care professional for peels, lasers.

What should people stop doing to their skin?

Sun tanning, picking their skin and wearing too many products.

How often should you apply vitamin c?
Everyday. Can be applied morning and night to help even skin tone, hydrate and protect.

Where can people find out more about your products?
Online at and visit our blog for skin care tips, tricks, updates and resources. We are also active on Instagram and have reels and posts about skincare and our products. We love to hear from our customers and encourage you to message, email us or call us.


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