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Winter 2020 Festive Hair Tips

Winter 2020 Festive Hair Tips

Winter 2020 is shaping up to be a lot different from your usual festive season. In the real world, masks are going to be over the bottom half of your face rather than the top. In the virtual world, people are really only going to see you from the top half up. This means that festive glam hair is going to be more important than ever. Here are some tips on how to make the most of it.



Keep your hair in its best condition

For all Winter 2020 is something nobody’s ever seen before, all the usual hair-care tips still apply. In particular, be generous with the moisturizer. Your hair needs it in the cold and wind at least as much as in the heat.  

Give yourself time to take care of your hair properly. Brush and comb slowly and gently, ease out those windswept tangles. If you like to curl your hair invest in a high-quality rotating hair curling iron. Try to let your hair air-dry as much as possible, but never leave go outdoors with wet hair, not even if you’re wearing a hat or a headscarf.

Winter is also the time to invest in a silk pillowcase. If your budget is tight, go for a satin one. These really are much kinder to your hair (and skin) than cotton or linen. You’ll soon notice the difference.

Bring some fresh color into your life

There’s already plenty of Winter 2020 hair color inspiration on the internet. Celebrities are sporting everything from enriched natural hues to holographic pastels. If you’re undecided, or just like to ring in the changes, then go for a shorter-term dye. Alternatively, keep your hair color natural and let colorful hair accessories be your crowning glory.

Remember, if you need to keep your distance from someone, or meet them via video-call, then you need to go big and bold with your hair accessories. Fine details are simply not going to be seen. This could mean that you need to take a new approach to styling your hair (and doing your makeup). In other words, get into the habit of checking it from a distance.

If you’re buying new hair accessories, think about the practicalities of masks. Could you put your mask on easily while wearing the accessory? How about taking it off? Will it be comfortable to wear a mask while you’re wearing the accessory?

Buy into hats and headscarves

Ideally, you should always wear a hat or headscarf outdoors in winter anyway. They really do give your hair a lot of protection from the elements. This year, however, think about moving on from your standard beanie and getting some fun and stylish hats and headscarves.

Hats and headscarves always add style to an outfit. They’re perfect for Winter 2020 because they can be easily seen from a distance. Hats can be investment pieces, but headscarves are often fairly affordable. They’re also very easy to store (even in tiny spaces) and can be tied in all kinds of ways. It may take a little practice to get the hang of them, but the results are worth it.

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