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Gail Bean of Paradise Lost Ones to Watch

Gail Bean of Paradise Lost Ones to Watch


Gail Bean of Paradise Lost Ones to Watch in Ouch Magazine/1



Interviews by @ouchmagazineny

How was your experience on the set of your new series "Paradise Lost?"

It was an amazing experience. I learned a lot from everybody, both in front of and behind the camera. Being a series regular is a full-body experience. It is comparable to flying first class.

Where did you film?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

How did you prepare for your role?

I often conversed with my mother about her upbringing in the South (Woodbine, GA). I listened to several podcasts that creator Rodes Fishburne referenced for my character.

I searched keywords on Pinterest & Instagram that represent Gynnifer.I observed Mississippi culture, norm, fashion, and the interaction of different social classes along with interracial relationships.

What are the best things about this series?

The secrets and how everything is connected.

Photographer: Nailah Howze
Styling: Scot Louie
Glam: Nik Truth

Paradise Lost is a mystery drama that takes place in the deep south, small-town Mississippi, and is a contemporary southern family saga. The series hit Spectrum's on-demand service.

What do you hope viewers will take away from “Paradise Lost”?

A deeper respect for the South and its multiple complexities.

Understanding of how crucial one's upbringing or adolescent years can impact their future.How important the truth and the value of Black life is.

Do you resonate with your character Gynnifer?

I resonate with Gynnifer's tenacity and her stubbornness.

What are your in-home beauty tips?

I've recently started to combine sea moss and turmeric face mask at night, it is magical! I highly recommend it. After washing it off in the mornings, I follow it up with some shea butter. Slap some cocoa butter chapstick on my lips and I'm good to go. Also, I highly recommend drinking lots of water and lemon.

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What other projects of yours should fan look for this year and 2021?

Snowfall returns with season 4. Hopefully, we'll come off the Corona hiatus and get that out to fans sooner than later. Also, Send Help, another series I'm a part of should find its home any day now.

In the meantime, you can catch me on the ABC drama Grey's Anatomy (s16ep18) Give A Little Bit, FX drama Snowfall s2 & s3 on Hulu, HBO's Insecure s1, FX hit comedy ATLANTA season 2 on Hulu & Detroiters on Comedy Central.

Where can fans find you on social media?

IG @insta_b3an

FB Actress Gail Bean

Twitter @gail_bean