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Black Entertainers

Gabrielle Nevaeh Green the new Classic "All That” on. Nickelodeon

Gabrielle Nevaeh Green the new Classic "All That” on. Nickelodeon

Photographer: Storm Santos.

 Hair: Aaron Barry.

 Makeup: Kim Bragalone 

Gabrielle Nevaeh Green the new Classic "All That” on. Nickelodeon 1


Interviews by @ouchmagazineny

Can you let me know what philanthropic means to you?

To me, philanthropic means using my platform and my voice to help others while making a positive impact on our world. I have an obligation to help others in every way that I can.

Why have you chosen the organizations we have?

In A Perfect World spoke to my heart because of their mission. They are doing so much for the world locally and globally, from building schools, providing access to clean water, and helping local children with backpacks filled with necessary school supplies.

How much free time did you have before the #stayhome order and How are you spending your time now?

When I was working, I had a pretty busy schedule. During production, we were at the studio for about nine hours a day. I would rehearse, shoot, and attend school on set and some days work on music and my standup set before going to bed.

“Since the #stayhome order, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my other projects. I’m spending time writing my book series for children and finishing up my designs for my accessory and clothing line. I’m also working on more original music and will have a new single out very soon! I’m trying to stay productive and healthy while I have so much free time! “

Tell a little bit about how you got started in entertainment?

I first got my start in entertainment when I was ten. I started by doing community theatre and performing in my school plays! I then wanted to further my acting in TV and film, so my family and I decided to move out to Los Angeles! About two years after moving, I landed All That! I’m so grateful for this amazing journey and for everyone who helped me get where I am today!

Was acting your first love?

As far as entertainment, acting was my first love. I had been playing the drums since I was eight but acting had something different about it that was captivating. At the time, I was being bullied for standing out, so I like that, through acting, I could become a completely different person and make others laugh.

Where do you see your career in 10 years?

In ten years I hope to have made a profound positive impact on our world by making a difference in the lives of others. I would love to have my nonprofit charity in full swing by then. I want to continue to act and expand into movies, more television, and more music. I also hope to become one of the youngest female EGOT’s. I believe my path is directed by God and know His plan for me is great.


 What's your beauty routine?

First of all, I drink a lot of water every day. Water is essential to healthy, clear skin. Secondly, I make sure my skin is clean and moisturized. I never sleep in my makeup and make sure to use a gentle cleanser. Lastly, I try to eat healthily. I love fruit and vegetables. I admit that is the hardest because I’m a true chocolate lover, so I allow a small splurge from time to time.

How do you describe your style?

I describe my style as eclectic and fun! I love to wear bright colors, sparkles, and rhinestones. I don’t gravitate to any one brand or style, I buy whatever speaks to me, it could be from Target or a thrift store find or a high-end designer. I believe my style is wearing whatever makes me smile and feel good.



What's annoying to you about some fashion trends now?

I don’t like brands that push “the perfect image” of beauty or a one size fits all mentality. Fashion is a form of self-expression and a direct reflection on your personality. What’s so great about the human race is that we are all different and come with unique necessities, so I enjoy brands that reflect that.

What inspires you in life?

Probably the biggest thing that inspires me in life is seeing someone who comes from virtually nothing defy the odds and achieve their dreams. Seeing the determination, mental hunger, and their work ethic is something that makes me want to push further and go the extra mile.


What's in your music library?

I listen to a lot of Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, and Lizzo! These three always pump me up and put me in a great mood! I also listen to a lot of musical theatre soundtracks like Wicked and Dear Evan Hansen. Besides, like a lot of old school music, like the Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, and Diana Ross!

How can fans reach out to you via the internet?

Instagram @ gabriellenevaeh – I’m going to be hosting something that I call “What’s Up Wednesdays”, where I go live each week answering questions from fans. I will also be doing “Fan Friday” where I dedicate my Instagram stories to the fans. I repost TIKTOK duets and videos of fans doing impressions of my characters from the show!

TikTok @Gabrielle_Nevaeh

Twitter @GabrielleNGreen