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Apex Legends and Post Malone

Apex Legends and Post Malone



Apex Legends and Post Malone have teamed up for a game-changing two-week event. Featuring a new mode, Three Strikes, and stylish cosmetics inspired by Post Malone’s gaming passion, the collaboration blurs lines between gaming and entertainment. This event isn’t just about playing—it’s a celebration of creativity, fashion, and shared gaming love. Get ready for a unique gaming experience shaping the future of collaborations.



Apex Legends introduces its “Iconic” tier cosmetics, a collaboration with Post Malone, showcasing skins, stickers, and bundles for favorite Legends such as Octane, Wraith, Horizon, and Lifeline.

Players can unlock three Legendary stickers for heals and shields by collecting all 20 stickers from the Posty Sticker Packs.


When respawning, the gear you keep includes:

  • Armor and EVO progression
  • Weapons and attachments (except for mythic weapons)
  • Ammo, ordinance, and consumables

Dive into the action every Friday through Sunday and enjoy 1.5 times the excitement with:

  • 1.5x boost on all XP gained November 10 – November 12, 2023
  • 1.5x boost on XP gained when playing Three Strikes November 17 – November 19, 2023