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Why Netflix Is Raising Prices After the Strike Ends

Why Netflix Is Raising Prices After the Strike Ends

According to Seth Schachner, managing director of digital entertainment consultancy firm Strat Americas, it's logical for Netflix to change the pricing after the SAG-AFTRA strike ends. While the streaming service needs the content, it will also be paying more for it.

“These strikes have been a win for the writing community,” Schachner says. “They’re getting performance-based incentives, an increase in compensation and more clarity.”

All streaming services have been pushing apart the two tiers of ad-free and ad-supported subscriptions, Schachner says. The intention is to build profitability in an industry that is still struggling to make it work financially. That means raising prices on the ad-free tier, which can make the more profitable ad-supported tiers attractive.


How Much More Subscribers Will Pay

Currently, the monthly fees for Netflix subscriptions are:

  • $6.99: Standard, with ads. Watch on two supported devices.
  • $15.49: Standard, ad-free. Watch on two supported devices.  
  • $19.99: Premium, ad-free. Watch on four supported devices.  

Netflix has not publicly revealed how much the prices on its two ad-free tiers will rise, but Schachner predicts it will likely be an extra dollar or two.