CW'S PANDORA CAST Watch our Exclusive Roundtable


CW'S PANDORA tv show and cast members Ben Radcliffe, Priscilla Quintana, and  Tina Casciani. 

Will there be a season 2? We hope so .......

I could just put all of them in my pocket! The energy is so chill in person if anything support by watching the show for the amazing cast. They were a pleasure to meet and talk about this under-advertised series that now we are waiting to see will it get reviewed? No one knows but what I know id if you are a star trek fan I advised looking up the show now. This is very remnant of the early StarTrek days but with a twist. Plus the cast is supper attractive its an easy watch.

Watch my exclusive with a few of the cast members below.

reviews by Rhonda McKnight and Jamesson Marshall



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