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DC Announces Streaming Service

DC Announces Streaming Service


The service was announced on DC Comics’ website with a list of the original series you can expect to see with your subscription. Two of them we already knew about. There’s the Titans live-action series, which is sounding promising. It’s being produced by Greg Berlanti, who’s behind the CW Arrowverse shows.  We probably shouldn’t expect any crossovers, because those are getting overcrowded as it is. But what better way to kick off your streaming service than with a show from the only person who’s managed to get an interconnected live-action DC universe off the ground? The other series we already knew about is the long-awaited third season of Young Justice. Those two alone make the service worth at least checking out, but the other two announced shows are really exciting.


DC is developing a Swamp Thing series. Details are pretty scarce right now, but The Hollywood Reporter