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Geek Out With Gaming, It Has Massive Benefits

Geek Out With Gaming, It Has Massive Benefits

You may say that those who love ‘geek culture’ also enjoy a little gaming. The truth of the matter is that gaming has so many benefits that it can not only educate you further but help you bond with new people. For those of us who enjoy keeping on top of the football news, for example, can probably name all the Chelsea and Liverpool players. Gaming online has been a popular way to meet new people and escape the stresses of life for many years but perhaps you have been playing and not ever realizing the massive benefits of it.

Gaming strengthens and invigorates relationships

Whether it is the relationship between colleagues or the personal relationship of a couple, the game is one of the most effective ways to strengthen and keep fresh and interesting. Through the game, trust and intimacy develop. Trust helps us to work better with others, to feel safe, to "open up" and share more thoughts and feelings, and to try new ideas or ventures more boldly. Sometimes, through play, we can restore our relationships and heal emotional traumas and bitterness. When adults play together, they reproduce the same behavioral patterns that positively influence the formation of beliefs and emotions during childhood. The same playful behaviors, which are indicators of mental health in children, can lead to positive changes in adult behavior as well. The game offers a safe and happy environment to experience such positive behaviors that can restore older experiences or black spots in our relationships and improve them. By making a conscious effort to put more humor and play into our lives, we will be able to improve the quality of our relationships with our colleagues, friends, partner, and family members.

The game teaches us it’s OK to win and to lose

By playing we learn that, unfortunately, sometimes, we lose. But it does not matter! This is one of life's most valuable lessons. Through the game, we learn to appreciate our abilities, strengths, and limits, as well as those of our others, teammates, and opponents, we learn to appreciate and reward a good effort or performance and to forgive a "bad one". We feel the joy of victory and the disappointment of defeat, but - most importantly - we learn that in life, as in the game, they alternate. No one wins, but no one loses, always. Finally, we learn to play simply for the joy of playing and interacting with other people, regardless of winners or losers.  

With social distancing still very present, taking time to entertain yourself at home is vital and it’s also important to ensure that you’re not isolating yourself too much especially if you live alone.  Online games are not inherently negative if you hadn’t realized that one already! Responsible use and establishing rules of proper use can be a great way to not become too swamped and not to ruin your eyes by over gaming. The best protection is prevention and not demonization, information, and not ignorance. It’s time to enjoy gaming life.