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Nathan Kehn Influencer  Exclusive

Nathan Kehn Influencer Exclusive



The others are Nathan Kehn's private collection courtesy LRM Publicity.


 Which of the 2 is more your dream, Being an actor or an influencer?

 I love my Instagram page and everything that it has allowed me to do. But in the end, my dream is still to be acting on the big screen. The way I look at it is, Instagram is just my dream on a smaller scale. I love filming my own content and getting to go visit all of these amazing rescues but there is just something special about being a big set with a full crew and production.

Why on earth did you name your account "NATHANTHECATLADY “? It is funny but was this a last-minute idea?

The name NathanTheCatLady had been an ongoing joke between my friends and me as well as people on social media through my ExGirlfriends page. They all knew me as the crazy cat guy, and my friends referred to me as a crazy cat lady. So after trying "CatDaddy" for one day and realizing how creepy the DMs I would be receiving was, I decided to just own the name cat lady, and I don't regret it in the slightest. 


 You were a former model. How was that life? And why did you decide to stop modeling?

Being a model, to be honest, was not fun.  Not to say that I wouldn't still do shoots, in-fact there a still a few brands that I will shoot with from time to time. But living in NY, contently having to be in the gym just to compete and then having to find time to also work and go to castings was rough.  I was 1 of 14 guys living in a 2 bedroom house in NY commuting to the city every day. The model house was $850 a month on top of Agency fees, website fees, book fees, messenger fees, test shoot fees. Basically you dug a hole that was almost impossible to get out of.  So to be honest I love being on shoots and taking photos but everything else around it was pretty rough. 


What are your goals moving forward as far as the acting field?

My goal for acting is really just what any actor hopes for, and that's to be surviving on acting alone.  It's not easy, especially these days where the internet has dropped rates for actors significantly. The same job that 10 years ago would have paid for a house, these days will pay your rent for a month or two.  But I would love to someday have a few movies released into theaters.


Who’s your favorite actor or actress and why?

Ryan Reynolds is my all-time favorite actor for several different reasons. First of all, he definitely has my same sense of humor which makes it great to watch anything he is in. Second, he has, in my opinion, had the perfect acting career. He has played every role that I would want to play. He has done the college frat boy, the romantic comedy, vampire movie, superhero, drama and again superhero.  That dude is a living legend and I'm jealous that he beat me to it. 


 What would have been your dream acting job that was already taken?

Well, my dream acting job was already taken by Ryan Reynolds and that would be Deadpool.   I always wanted to play a superhero role, since I was a little kid. But to also add the dark sense of humor behind it, makes it a masterpiece in my opinion.  So now all I can do is watch it on repeat while I cry into a tub of ice cream, but I'm sure there will be other roles. 


How is it in Hollywood castings? Do you get overwhelmed at all?

I definitely get overwhelmed at castings in Hollywood. The casting world is always changing and sometimes when it rains it pours. Just in this last month, I have had it happen twice where I was coming in from out of town, I had just gotten home and received 8 pages of dialogue that needed to be memorized and filmed and submitted within the day.  Not to mention the life of an actor is constant rejection. So I would say about once a month I let it really hit me; I call those "actor days," where I let all the rejection and stress that's piled up a hit all at once.  I don't usually do much on those days. 


What is your 10-year dream goal?

10-year goal? Well, that's a tricky one because I'm still not even sure what I'm doing next week. In a perfect world, 10 years from now I would like to be a working established actor, still doing a lot to help cat and animal rescues and own my own home. 


Where did you grow up and where would you love to live when you retire?

I grew up just outside of Boulder Co before moving to NY when I was 19 and then to LA when I was 20. When I retire I honestly have no idea where I would want to end up. It is going to depend on my mindset at the time. I used to think it would be CO, but now when I go back it seems so slow and quiet compared to LA I get bored very quickly. But I  also don't want to be an old man walking down the streets of LA waiting for some sketchy people to jump me and rob me. The way technology is going I'm sure by then I can get a nice condo on mars or plug into a VR and live out the rest of my days. 


What's your work out routine like?

Obviously, with the modeling history, I've been in and out of the gym a lot over the past few years.  I used to have every day broken up into one or two muscle groups so that I could be in the gym 5-6 days per week. But now I have so many things going on that I really don't have that kind of time. I go to the gym about 3-4 times per week and I usually do an upper-body day followed by lower then upper then lower and so on. 


Dating or single?

Oh, the most asked question on my Instagram page, single or dating.  Currently, I  am single and really just casually dating but not looking for anything serious.  I had a serious relationship about a year ago that really took a lot out of me.  Once I got out of that I realized how much more productive I was and how much more I was able to accomplish. Someday I would love the idea of finding "the one" but right now I have too much on my plate.


What's your type?

I'm one of those people that have their type so narrowed down that she probably doesn't even exist at this point. Physically I have always been attracted to slim/fit brunettes. I love a girl that has that midwest vibe about her aka sweet and nice to everyone. But I've also realized I need someone who is just as self-reliant as me so we can help build each other up and not have to carry her.  My last relationship was very much about the other person and helping her with her career. When it came to helping me with mine the truth came out that it wasn't important and needed to be on the back burner and that's when things ended.  So I'm looking for a short thin brunette, ride or die teammate with a good heart. Let me know if you've seen her... 


How do you stay focused? 

I wish I had a great trick for staying focused but the truth is, it's a constant battle with myself to just keep moving forward.  I have my own little drill sergeant in my head that keeps telling me to keep working, keep filming, keep going.  LA can really wear on you and its hard to keep pushing, but then you get little glimmers of hope and that's enough fuel to go until you crash again. 


What advice can you give others looking to be an actor, a model and or an influencer?

The best advice that I can give to someone who wants to be an actor, model, an influencer is " Don't wait for anyone else to get it done for you because they won't. I don't care if its a manager, friend, agent or anyone else. If you really want this to happen, you are going to have to do it yourself." Don't get me wrong I have had some amazing people in my corner over the years but at the end of the day, they can only do so much if you aren't willing to push yourself.