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“NEXT” Coming to FOX will blow all your minds read this!

“NEXT” Coming to FOX will blow all your minds read this!

Reviewed by Jamesson Marshal @ouchmagazinepodcast cohost

When a close Friend of Homeland Cybersecurity Special Agent Shea Salazar (Fernanda Andrade) is injured in a mysterious car accident, her search for answers leads her to Silicone Valley Pioneer Paul LeBlanc (John Slattery).



LeBlanc had created a groundbreaking A.I. program called NeXt but was ousted from his company by his brother Ted (Jason Butler Harner) after trying to shut down the project over fears of its potential threat to humanity. They join forces and discover that NeXt has been reopened and may be more dangerous than anyone could've imagined as it has literally gone viral. How do you fight an entity who can be anywhere and everywhere, use our greatest technology to turn those closest to us into our enemies, and whose only goal is to increase its knowledge, grow exponentially and survive at all costs?


A Silicon Valley pioneer partners with a cybercrime agent after discovering that one of his own creations might cause a global catastrophe.