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Take Photos with your Favorite Celebrity at this year NYCC

Take Photos with your Favorite Celebrity at this year NYCC

If You didn't already know there are really good actors at this year New York City Comic con that are offering to take a photo with you. See the list and times for each celebrity here!

How to Get Photos with Celebrities?

1. Plan Ahead: Research the celebrity guests attending NYCC and make a list of your top choices. Check the event schedule for autograph and photo op sessions.

2. Purchase Tickets: Some celebrities offer professional photo ops that require a separate ticket. Make sure to buy these tickets in advance, as they often sell out quickly.

3. Follow the Guidelines: Each celebrity has specific rules and guidelines for photo ops. Follow their instructions regarding poses, autographs, and any other requirements.

4. Be Respectful: Remember that celebrities are people too. Be polite, patient, and respectful during the photo op. Avoid touching or hugging without permission.

Tips for a Great Celebrity Photo

1. Dress Appropriately: Consider wearing a costume or outfit that represents the character or franchise associated with the celebrity. It adds a fun element to the photo.

2. Prepare Props: Bring along props related to the celebrity's work. It can create a unique and memorable photo.

3. Strike a Pose: Think of a creative pose or action that reflects the character or the celebrity's personality. It will make your photo stand out.

4. Smile and Enjoy: Remember to smile and enjoy the moment. The photo is a lasting memory of your encounter with your favorite celebrity.


Attending NYCC gives fans the incredible opportunity to meet and take photos with their favorite celebrities. By following the guidelines and preparing in advance, you can capture a memorable moment that will last a lifetime. So, get ready to strike a pose and make some unforgettable memories at this year's NYCC!

Here are our favorites list  visit 

Chris Evans

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