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Take Your Video Game Costuming and LARPing to a Whole New Level

Take Your Video Game Costuming and LARPing to a Whole New Level

Video game costuming and LARPing are bigger than ever because of the rise of shows like Comic Con and E3. Yet TV shows like The Big Bang Theory have also played a role in bringing the fun into the mainstream. So, here are some tips for bringing your favorite characters to life.

Buy Real Gear

Some characters are really out there. And others are grounded more in reality. For example, it would be challenging to bring Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy to life. Yet chargers such as Jill Valentine from Resident Evil are easier because she is more or less a cop. And cops wear easily sourceable gear. These include gun holsters and mag pouches (see the top battle belt mag pouches reviewed here), which you can buy from good online retailers that look the part.

Look for Video Game Costuming and LARPing Inspiration

Getting your costume to look exactly like a video game character can be pretty tricky. But you can also take inspiration from characters. For example, you might struggle to recreate Lean S. Kennedy’s signature look. But you could opt for an Umbrella Corporation operative instead. If you need inspiration, then sites like Pinterest are a fantastic place to start. There are almost 500 million Pinterest users each month. So it’s safe to say you are likely to find something.

Learn to Customize Your Clothing

Good costumes start with a base. And from there, you can customize them. It’s a good idea to start with something that closely resembles your character and work from there. For instance, you can begin with a bodice and a corset if you wish to build something for a woman that wouldn’t look out of place in The Witcher, Dragon Age, or The Elder Scrolls. Then it’s a case of adding extras that fit more with the style of the game, such as Daedric symbols or armor.

Buy Official and Unofficial Merchandise

There’s surprisingly little in the way of official costumes you can buy for video game characters. However, there are various items that you can source in numerous ways. For a little more authenticity, you may also have to look elsewhere and buy unofficial recreations. Here’s how:

  • Check online stores such as Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls store.
  • Purchase official patches, iron-on, and clothing.
  • Check Amazon for stuff like the Resident Evil S.T.A.R.S police badge.
  • Check comic books and video game stores for exclusive content.
  • Buy special editions of games for things you can’t get anywhere else.

Online stores, such as the Bethesda store, offer a small amount of official stuff you could use. However, the best stuff usually comes from special editions. For example, the special edition of Fallout 4 comes with an awesome wearable Pip-Boy to make you look like a wastelander.


Join LARPing Communities

Like the video game community, LARPing has its own corners of the internet where you can meet with like-minded people. You can discuss ideas, get tips on costuming and find out when there will be meetups in your area. Some of the best LARP games include medieval fantasy, sci-fi apocalypse, and horror mysteries. All of which any of your famous and favorite video game characters, such as The Dragonborn, Master Chief, and Albert Wesker, would fit right into.

Try Etsy for Video Game Costuming and LARPing

The designs of video game characters are often very complex and take a long time to develop. Additionally, they are unique, so they can compete with and stand out against the multitude of competitor video games. Therefore, it can be a challenge to get what you need, such as Aloy’s beads. However, Etsy is your friend. Etsy is home to talented craftspeople who can make pretty much anything. Some already offer video game items you can’t buy, and others take requests.

Learn to Get into Character

You can have the best costume in the world. But it’s useless if you don’t embrace your character. Just take a look around your next convention to see the ones that stand out and draw the crowds. It’s the fans who really get into character, even if their costume isn’t perfect. To become your character, learn the movements, mannerisms, and even the way they would speak. Doing this will make all your costuming efforts pay off and transport you to another world.


You can get into your video game costuming and LARPing even more by drawing inspiration from your favorite worlds and characters. For an authentic look, you can buy real fear, such as mag holders. You can also buy official merchandise and practice becoming your characters.