TOM BILYEU first look at his new project DON DIABLO Comic art and Interview

TOM BILYEU first look at his new project DON DIABLO Comic art and Interview

TOM BILYEU is the co-founder of billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. 

Impact Theory is a new kind of comic book company from some of the most accomplished and exciting producers, writers, and artists in comics. We believe that stories have the power to change people’s lives in the most profound way possible. So our mission is to pull people out of The Matrix through storytelling.

 Interview by @ouchmagazineny Rhonda McKnight

I had the pleasure of stealing Tom Bileu time briefly at this year's New York Comic-Con. This was on the last day of the shows on Sunday at this booth on the show floor. As you would know TOM BILYEU has an inspirational YouTube channel one name Impact Theory, my personal favorites go to in the morning's channel. 

  TOM BILYEU mentioned in our interview " He wants to be the next Walt Disney " and I am sold. He has built one empire on youtube and has now taken the comic book world by storm. His newly feature comic is the name "Don Diablo presents Hexagon " in which I received a signed copy by the man himself. (smile)


 This comic is a lively coming of age comic storylines at only $3.99 per issue. His wife who is now my second favorite has her own big projects in the works (spoiler alert) this is being developed now, and I assume it will also be amazing.

 This whole experience has given me a new light on multitasking, convenience, and ownership. I myself wear, any different hats and some I strive in and some I am still working on, so I thank Impact Theory for their contributions to making the world a better place

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