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Musician Matt Legrand for Ouch! Magazine

Musician Matt Legrand for Ouch! Magazine

Chicago-based pop powerhouse, Matt LeGrand, and groundbreaking Venezuelan hip hop artist, Mestiza, bring their unique style to the sultry new track. LeGrand's music is well known in his hometown of Chicago for its dance-infused beats and hooky melodies.







 Interview @ouchmagazineny

What makes you stand out from another new recording artist?

The way I stand out is by being myself as much as I possibly can. When you think of it that’s all you really have to do to stand out. No one is like you and no one will ever be like you, but you have to be YOU! I also like to think that a solid work ethic and a keen ability of not being stubborn are some things that set me apart! We are also all products of our influences and we reinvent things in ways that seem completely original. I am always drawing specific things from different eras, artists, or groups. The number one thing I think sets me apart though is versatility. I sing, produce, and write in a whole bunch of different genres. I love musical theater, acting, and dancing. I am a very open artist!


Who do you think you get compared to that is already established?

I’ve gotten many different comparisons that are always flattering. The best one is probably Justin Timberlake! I love the versatility that he brings to the industry. It’s how I strive to be!


Simple answers to our fun pop culture question, just answer with one answer

Q. Harry Styles or Justine Bieber new music?

Harry Styles

Q. Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Q. Text or Call or Dm


Q. Go to the theatre or watch a movie at home?

Go to the theater (movie theater popcorn duh)

Q. Dine-out or cook in?

 Dine Out

Q. Halloween or Christmas?




Now we did a little icebreaker. How do you describe your sound?

I would describe it all under the realm of Pop music. That’s a very broad term, but my upcoming EP will feature a lot of different things. Acoustic, dance, reggaeton, hip hop, and RnB. I also have many different side projects that span across lots of different genres in the works, including producing for other artists! 


Have you written and songs if so which one?

This upcoming EP was a big collaborative experience. I recorded it in Atlanta and Los Angeles. It was great to sit in the back seat and learn from others. My artistry and ability to write my experiences into music is a work in progress and always will be. I look forward to continued creativity and collaboration!


Who would you want to collaborate with on your next album?

I’d love to collaboration with Harry Styles, Greyson Chance, and The 1975.”

What's your dream place to perform live?

My dreams and visions for my perfect concert seem to be based on the quantity of people. I guess it doesn’t matter where I am just as long as there are waves upon waves of people! 


Where is your least favorite place to shop?

 vegan shop


How do you describe your style?

I would describe my style as a cool chameleon that adapts swiftly to its surroundings. 


Where can fans see you next in 2020 ad 2021?

I’ll be preparing for shows this summer! Be on the lookout for the upcoming EP and it’s single coming out very soon! Stay connected through my Instagram and website for more information! Thank you so much for these great questions!




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