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Marvel’s Runaways season 2 review plus spoilers

Marvel’s Runaways season 2 review plus spoilers



Fancy  & Furious... I  feel the season 2 runaways on Hulu.

   I enjoyed watching this full episode straight after the new year came on Hulu.

I must say this season gets a little sexist and more individualizing to each character. You see more of an individual story and style.

Runaways season 3 focus was on the growing threat of the Gibborim Magistrates. It seems likely the Pride and the Runaways will be forced to work together against this alien threat.


What a beautiful Alien. Actress Virginia Gardner plays Karolina Dean (one of my favorites on the show). She steps out of her comfort zone and shows us her full strength.

 I notice more tailored music in-between the car chases and running another favorite scene with actor Rhenzy Feliz plays Alex Wilder rolls in a sports car listening to K. West. I lived for that!

 There are a few surprise deaths as well as a love interest. Just more beautiful people to watch and I am no mad at that.

The diverse culture moods are differently shown up in this season. 


The last episode is the key - setup

Angry at his betrayal, the Runways meet with Chase. He offers them a choice: surrender to PRIDE or faces the consequences. As the kids attempt their escape, they're separated and forced to survive against an enemy far more pernicious than they expected.