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Future Man Season 2 omg LOVED IT!

Future Man Season 2 omg LOVED IT!



 This season started of to me with a bang! The season 2  made so many improvements with the storyline . They even added a cool short musical  is there anything this series didn’t have? No! It has everything below is a. brief breakdown of episodes but you must watch this on Hulu. You be surprised at the end its all wrapped nicely into a perfect bow . Ready for season 3 Seth Rogan  , Josh Hutcherson & Haley Joel Osment.


Josh is kidnapped by Athena, a member of a secret terrorist organization called the Pointed Circle. His mission to save the world didn't work. Stu Camillo, now in power, had created the cure and humanity is more divided than ever in 2162.

Future Man Season 2 omg LOVED IT! OUCH MAGAZINE


Tiger and Wolf return to the future, where Tiger has now become an outcast. She journeys to a hi-tech settlement where Stu Camillo is a hologram so that she can learn the unsettling truth about herself and her role in the creation of this new future timeline.


Future Man Season 2 omg LOVED IT!_1

As Tiger gets to know her doppelgänger Ty-Anne, Wolf acclimates to the NAG, and Josh wanders the desert. Josh is brought to the NAG and remanded to indentured servitude as a technology smasher.



Josh, Tiger, and Wolf go on a mission to find their TTD and take down the Pointed Circle.



Tiger uses Stu's fondness for her to help her track down Athena. Josh is now a Smasher and remanded to a labor camp where the Pointed Circle comes after him. Wolf, vowing to improve the NAG, faces off against Supreme Overlord Vice.

Future Man Season 2 omg LOVED IT!_2

Wolf, ignoring warnings about the Pointed Circle, brings Josh to live outside his Clusternest. Tiger reaches a dead end in her quest for the TTD.


Ty-Anne shares the story of growing up with Stu as her father and her early exposure to The Pointed Circle.


It's the day of the MARS launch. Josh goes on a suicide mission to sneak into Stu's upload machine to shut him down for good.

Armed with the newly discovered TTD, our team uses an 11-second window to jump back in time over and over to reach Stu's brain and destroy it.

Future Man Season 2 omg LOVED IT!_3

Having messed with time travel one too many times, Josh, Tiger, and Wolf land in jail in the year 3491. Facing a death sentence for their crimes, their loyalty to each other is tested by their cruel and unusual jailer, Susan.





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