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Amehl  NYFW SS23 held in Brooklyn

Amehl NYFW SS23 held in Brooklyn

The Amehl aliens landed in a community garden in Bushwick. It was a stunning collection that indulged in dreamy intergalactic beauty with a social commentary and a sense of humor. In addition to the show, I have a new series of videos in which I play a glam New Age prophet character delivering cryptic sermons. There's a YouTube channel for this project. Included in this video project is...

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Amehl NYC surprises NYFW once again with "How to Keep your Husband “ SS2020-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

Amehl NYC SS2020

Amehl NYC would like to personally invite you to the SS20 show titled, How to Keep your Husband, on September 4th at 7 PM at 114 W14th Street NY, NY, exploring the intersection of interactive performance art, alternative fashion and culinary arts.  I am partnering with, Chula Galvez is a Brooklyn-based pastry chef from Buenos Aires to create culinary confections for the show. Galvez currently occupies residencies as a pastry chef...

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