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Actor, Writer, and Producer Kyle Matthew

Actor, Writer, and Producer Kyle Matthew

Photos – PC: Ben Cope

Kyle Matthew @thekylematthew

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Kyle Matthew is an up and coming actor, writer, and producer proving he’s one to watch on the acting scene! Kyle is currently filming an exciting Guest Star role for Disney’s Bunk’d, in advanced classes at The Groundlings, and filming his supporting role in an upcoming feature film that will be announced later in the year! Fresh out of USC’s B.A. acting program, Kyle recently starred in “UNINVITED”, which premiered at the Burbank International Film Festival, and “Charlie Hughes”, which premiered at SXSW Film Festival. Both projects had very successful runs on the festival circuit!


You have an exciting career. Let me know how it is being a Hollywood actor coming from Texas?
Do you still have your Texas persona like Matthew McConaughey?
Even though I live in LA, I visit Dallas 4-5 times a year, so I’ve never really been gone long enough to lose any “Texas persona” I might have. Unfortunately, I don’t have as distinguishable of a southern twang as Mr. McConaughey, but I am a proud user of the contraction “y’all.” 

So I hear you are going to guest-star in Disney's Bunk'd. Can you give a spoiler on what you'll be doing?
Being a part of Disney’s Bunk’d was an absolutely amazing experience. While I, unfortunately, can’t currently discuss any specifics about the role, I can tell you that the entire team on Bunk’d couldn’t have been kinder and more welcoming to me. I’m very excited for everyone to see it when it airs.

How do you stay fit? Let us know what your workout or health routine is.
My focus these days isn’t as much as being “fit” or “healthy,” but on trying to move my body in ways that are fun and/or challenging. Some of my favorites include running outside, any at-home workouts from Shaun T (call me Jane Fonda), and boxing (shoutout @Gloveworx). 

What made you start doing hilarious sketches? Did you get inspired by someone or were you always the funny one in the group?

First off, thank you for calling me funny. One day, when I have kids, and they think I’m the furthest thing from funny, it will be so nice to have a written record of someone describing me as such. 

Second, the school I went to growing up in Dallas, Greenhill School, had a video production program that I got very involved in during high school (shout out Mr. Doyle). Though my primary passion was always acting, my time in that program gave me the courage to be proactive about writing stories/roles that I wanted to tell/play. That idea was further emboldened when I became a part of a sketch comedy troupe at USC, The Suspenders. The YouTube videos that I’ve released, Lip-Sync Break-Up and LEAKED iPhone 9 Commercial, were both originally sketches I wrote and performed while in the troupe. They were received well, so I decided to film them.

Where do you hope (expect) to see your career in 10 years?
Hopefully telling great stories with great people. 

I know you're from Texas, but where's your favorite place to travel?
Besides Dallas, I would say NYC and Tulsa…that’s where my older brother and older sister live with their respective spouses. 

What's a day like in your shoes, starting to finish?
The staples of my day are an embarrassingly long skincare routine, calling my mom, and texting my manager Kim with a thousand questions. 
What other projects might we look out for in 2022 and 2021?
I’m a firm believer in manifesting, so a lot of very exciting things that I either can’t talk about yet or that haven’t happened, I don’t know about yet. 

How can fans reach out to you or follow you via all the social media
I’m most active on Instagram: @thekylematthew