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“Spiked Kombucha Podcast"  with Allison Kimball

“Spiked Kombucha Podcast" with Allison Kimball

International model, Allison Kimball, is now the host and creator of her new podcast, The “Spiked Kombucha Podcast”! Allison’s podcast aims to share her modeling and life experiences with listeners. The podcast will be focused on Allison’s Health and Wellness advice and will include conversations with surprise guests about fitness, the modeling industry, body image, meditation, happiness, and more!

interview by @ouchmagazineny

What made you start a podcast and what makes your podcast different from other podcasts?
I wanted a platform to expand into where I could share a larger part of me. I’m the go-to friend for advice and I wanted to be able to translate that trait into something bigger! 

How long does it take you to set up your programming for a day to day  podcast ?
I love systems and operations so I’ve gotten everything pretty organized by now. I usually give myself a solid 1-2 hours to prepare and review before the episode begins recording. 

What limits have you set for yourself in life?
“Setting Expectations.”
This is huge for me and once I let go of expectations, my life has improved so greatly! 

Where is home for you?
I live in Massachusetts currently. I grew up here and it’s actually really nice to be back where I grew up for a bit. 

What inspires you in life?
Myself! I have high standards for myself and I love to also gain inspiration from other people I admire or even Pinterest as well. My boyfriend inspires me every single day, too. 

What's the happiest moment you've had as a model?
Right now checking into a hotel in Brooklyn for a campaign for Oribe Hair Care. This was a big step in my career and it really meant a lot to me in my heart. 

Can Give us you're top 5 tips for health ?
Balance, lots of water, intuitive eating, fresh air and sunshine. The ocean is a bonus! 

What projects do you have lined up for 2021-2022?
Lots of fun and exciting upcoming projects that I will be working on. I have lots of content planned out and will be a lot more active on TikTok as well. 

How can fans reach out to you on social media?
I love responding to as many people as I can so shoot me a DM! I love answering questions and talking to people. Follow me @AllisonKimballl :)