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Actress Chelsea Frei of Moodys Christmas series

Actress Chelsea Frei of Moodys Christmas series




Photographer: Antoine Verglas

Makeup: Viktorija Bowers

Hair: Cameron Rains



The Moodys Christmas series project how did you discover this role?

I remember reading the script (when I was first auditioning for the role) and being immediately drawn to Bridget. You can tell she’s a ticking time bomb, not completely sure of who she is yet but still hiding behind this wall of “perfection”. I love her because I think she represents what so many of us deal with in our late 20’s/early 30’s this anxiety that the choices we made when we were in our early 20’s, professionally, romantically, just don’t make sense with the new person we have become. I also love her dynamic within the family and was so thrilled to work with the rest of the cast.


 What's the most interesting thing that happened on set while filming?

We had a lot of fake snow which was fun. And a lot of Christmas decorations. And a skating rink. Basically I’ve been in the Christmas spirit since we started filming in September.


How do you usually select the acting role that is the right fit for you?

I’m drawn to characters who are pursuing deeper and more profound happiness in their lives, but not sure of how to achieve it. I love watching female characters take big risks, risks that could ruin their lives, to better understand themselves and what they want. I also love writing female characters struggling with those big questions in my scripts. 


 What other projects do you have lined up for 2020/21?

Right now I’m filming a show in New York, which has been such a blast. I feel so lucky to be working on it. The feature film I co-wrote with my writing partner was filmed this past September and October, and we are in the post-production stage which has been fun and exciting. I’m also working on a few other writing projects that I’m hoping to get off the ground.


You incredibly fit! What's your health plan or work out routine?

Ha! Thank you! I really just run on the treadmill at the gym, mainly because it’s the fastest workout and gets me out of there QUICK. I love food and trying new things so it’s hard for me to actively diet or anything, but a New Years Resolution of mine is to move towards a plant-based diet. I love being outside - and when I’m in LA, I hike as much as I can.


What acting role have you always wanted to play but haven’t read for as of yet?

I am absolutely obsessed with horror films and my dream would be to act in one. 


How can fans reach out and find you?

My Instagram @chelseafrei and twitter @chelseabfrei.