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Hawaiian Youtuber Ava Jules

Hawaiian Youtuber Ava Jules

Photographer Sienna Morales


Ava Jules is a 20-year old lifestyle YouTuber based on the beautiful island of O'ahu, Hawaii. Ava brings unbeatable positive vibes and relatable girl advice within the digital empire she’s created – including more than 1.3-Million Subscribers and 100-Million Views on her main YouTube Channel alone.
Her fans tune in daily as Ava shares her latest tips and tricks for fashion, beauty, self-care, workouts/yoga, organization, studying, island adventures, and more. She has become a role model amongst the masses while promoting a strong message of body positivity, self-confidence, and feeling both good and grateful in your own skin.


Interview @ouchmagazineny

How is your Hawaii-inspired jewelry collection different from other collections?
The jewelry I designed was made with Aloha in mind! No matter where someone lives, they can wear the Hawaii collection and feel connected to the islands of aloha.
Where do you find the materials ? Do you make this line yourself or a design team?
I worked with Starlite Village's team, who brought my hand drawn designs to life. They have a whole system in creating jewelry, so they took care of the fine details like materials. Other than that, I came up with the inspiration behind packing and designs.
Do you help the locals out in Hawaii? If so which ones?
I absolutely love helping locals of Hawaii in any way I can. For one, I buy a lot of things from local, small businesses, who have struggled over the past year due to the pandemic. There are so many great local restaurants, clothing shops, bikini boutiques, and handmade jewelry to buy from and support. Two of my favorites are Issa de Mar (swim store) and Yay Hawaii (jewelry).
Which island is the best in the world and why?
The Hawaiian Islands are by far the best, and I'm not only saying that because I haven't been to too many others. The Hawaiian culture is so rich, there is so much beauty in learning about it. The eight islands themselves are all different in their own, beautiful way. 
What's your favorite meal to prepare or dine out?
I am obsessed with Caesar salad to no end.
How long have you been posting youtube videos and what made you start?
I've been posting on YouTube for over seven years and started because I have a fan account for Justin Bieber.
What trend in beauty are you all about right now? What's your beauty routine?
The "stand-up" brows are so cute, even though I can't do them on myself. As for my beauty routine, I haven't really had one lately as I've mostly been at home or the beach.




Single or ready to mingle?
I have a boyfriend of almost two years!

What's a day in your life like from am to pm?
My day starts with a long morning walk with my puppy, which I must say is my daily highlight. Depending on what needs to get done, I'll get started on filming, editing, or shooting content for other social platforms. If I have a free day, I'll spend it hanging with my friends at the beach or with my boyfriend. In the afternoon, I play outside with my pup for an hour or three, and usually spend most nights relaxing at home.

What projects should your fans look out for in 2021-22? Where can anyone reach you on the web?
Get ready for more fun series on my YouTube channel and a lot of (super cute) wearable products. I'm on pretty much every social media platform if you look up Ava Jules! See ya there.