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Madison Smith  Season Two of Netflix's The Order

Madison Smith Season Two of Netflix's The Order

Madison Smith

Photographer Hannah Shaira Cam

Editor Interview: @ouchmagazineny


What can you tell people about the series 

The Order that has never seen it?

The Order is very entertaining. You’ll fall in love with the characters and the story, which by the way has magic and werewolves. It’s a show about regular people in an extraordinary world and it’s so fun to watch them navigate through it. 


What is your role in the series? How did you prepare for this role?

I play Orbin, a member of a faction of practitioners known as the Sons of Prometheus. When Alyssa and Jack visit the Promethean’s, a connection between Orbin and Alyssa begins to form which prompts a bit of a rivalry between Orbin and Jack. The Promethean’s have a different way of studying magic which has them draw their power from the world around them, so for preparation, I spent a lot of time outside on hikes trying to become more tuned in with nature


Are the sets creepy? How is the vibe on set? Where did you film the show?

The sets aren’t overly creepy. Well, except for the creepy barn we filmed it. And it didn’t help when they would put in a little bit of extra fog before every take. But the overall vibe of The Order is fantastic. It’s always fun. I was able to spend so much time with Sarah Grey and Jake Manley and the two of them were so much fun to hang out with. In regard to our location, we filmed mostly in a little town outside of Vancouver called Aldergrove. But some of our episodes were filmed at the University of British Columbia.


What is your all-time favorite supernatural movie or tv show?

Funny enough I would say it’s probably the TV show Supernatural. For 15 seasons those two guys have delivered such an amazing show. And I’m so excited to see how it’s going to end this year. 



How do you stay calm on horror or supernatural sets while filming? Have you ever zoned out on set?

I usually bring a good book to set depending on how long the day is going to be. Sometimes, however, I find myself reading on the creepy sets and I’ll look up from my book and kind of freak out for a second. Eventually, I make my way outside so I don’t get haunted (laughs).


What's a role you most want to play in a movie or tv show that hasn’t presented itself to you as of yet?

I’d love to play a spy. It would be so cool to get to do something like that. Fingers crossed one day I get the chance. Oh, also I'd LOVE to play Superman, but that’s just a childhood dream.

What inspires you now and didn’t inspire you in 2019?

2020 has been a year that I finally got into journaling. It was something that I had always told myself I would do but just never got around to it. And then during quarantine, I picked up a pen and paper and started writing. It’s been so therapeutic, and I’m happy 2020 brought that to me.


What's your day like outside of work?

Well, a day outside work always starts with a walk with my little puppy and fiancé. After that it all depends. I have recently got my fiancé into golf and that means that almost every free day has been spent either at the driving range, pitch, and putt, or the course. 


How can fans reach out to you via social?

Fans can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @madosmith21. They can also stay up-to-date with my career on IMDb.


I know no one knows what's in store for 2021, but do you have any other projects we should look out for?

l just finished shooting the second season of the sci-fi series Narcoleap, which will most likely be airing at the tail end of 2020 or early 2021. Other than that I look forward to whatever opportunities the rest of the year has for me!



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