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Youth Culture

Major Crimes Star Graham Patrick Martin exclusive

Major Crimes Star Graham Patrick Martin exclusive


How old were you for your first acting job and what was that job?
I was 12 years old when I got my first acting job. It was a commercial for a toy called “Magnetix Xtreme”, they were like lego’s but they connected through magnets. I think they were eventually recalled because kids were swallowing the magnets.

What inspires you and why?
I’m inspired by the children I hang out with at “Sunshine Kids” events. Sunshine Kids is an organization that is very close to my heart. They provide fun life experiences for kids with cancer. Hanging with those kids inspires me because they have such a positive outlook on life. They remind me of what’s important. 

 How do you prepare for auditions? Do you have any special routine?

I like to listen to my favorite film scores on the drive over to my auditions. It puts me in a great headspace. My favorite right now is “Day One” from the Interstellar soundtrack.

In Major Crimes, you play Rusty Beck. How did you prepare for the role and what kind of experience have you had been this character?

-Playing a homeless teenager was a tricky task. It’s an experience that I knew very little about, yet I knew it would be wildly important to portray this experience accurately. The story of homeless youth is an important one for people to hear about. I listened to as many stories as I could find about life on the streets as a minor. It’s an experience that no one could ever fully know unless you’ve been there. But I did my best. 

Do you look at homeless teenagers/people differently now?

-Absolutely. Especially since I began working with the Covenant House California homeless youth shelter. The creator of my show, James Duff, and I did an eight-week writing workshop with the youth of the Covenant House. Hearing their stories first hand was a life-changing experience. Most people, including myself, are guilty of avoiding eye contact when you see a homeless person sitting at a bus stop, or avoiding the topic of homelessness altogether. It's just easier to not think about something that makes you feel bad. After playing the role of Rusty and working with CHC, I will never avoid this important topic again.

 Can you give us any spoilers for the new season?
The drama with Rusty’s boyfriend, Gus, continues. And a danger from Rusty’s past seems to be creeping back into his life. 

Do you have any other projects we should be on the lookout for?

I did a film called “Bukowski” which was directed by James Franco. It should be coming out within the next year. 

 How can people reach out to you via social media?
@grahampmartin on both Instagram and Twitter. I’m a pretty active Instagrammer.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully still creating in any capacity. Acting, directing, writing, producing. Or perhaps some other art form that I’ve yet to tap into. Ventriloquy? 

 Last words of wisdom?
Put down your phone and go for a walk outside.