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Under 21 to watch  Actor Jake Satow stars in "The Dropout" on Hulu

Under 21 to watch Actor Jake Satow stars in "The Dropout" on Hulu

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What is the 'DropOut" mini series on Hulu about and what's your role?

Amanda Seyfriend, Michael Ironside and William H. Macy are all a-lister and they are in this series.

Did you learn anything from watching them act?

The Dropout is a really amazing true story about Elizabeth Holmes, the world’s first young, female billionaire. Amanda Seyfried plays Elizabeth and she plays her brilliantly!  Elizabeth rises to power with her company she founded, called Theranos, and she sort of grabs the attention of many influential people like Steve Jobs and others along the way, and she eventually got many important people to invest in the company before it completely crashed. I play young Christian Homes, Elizabeth’s kind of sassy, younger brother. It was really fun to work with Amanda on this role. I learned so much from her and she and William Macy were both so generous with their time on set and just making everyone feel comfortable. I got to spend a lot of time with Amanda and just felt so incredibly fortunate to learn from her and and others on set. The cast and crew were so professional and it was just such good energy from everyone. It’s an experience I’ll never forget. 


Hulu is a great platform to be on. How did you find out out this role and what attracted you to it?

Hulu is a great platform to be on! My wonderful team, my agent and manager at Eris Talent and Mincks Talent, submitted me for the role and I was really pumped to audition for it because it is based on a true story and it’s a really unique story about Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos, and her sort of meteoric rise and dramatic fall. And now just fast forwarding in real time with her trial and everything, it’s just kind of surreal. There had also been a book written about her and a podcast, so the story was really gaining traction and I was just so happy when they chose me to play young Christian.

Who's your favorite actor or actress right now? Who is a role model for your career?

I really like Jonah Hill. He is really an icon and I really love his work and his work ethic. Amanda Seyfried is really a huge role model for me, too. She was so present for everyone on the set of The Dropout, she is a great mom, and she was so great to work with. She gave me great advice about my acting career that I’ll never forget, and just to watch her work so hard and be so committed to the role while having her young daughter there and being so present for her and yet still being so engaged with all of us was such an experience. She also is one of the producers of The Dropout. She works so hard and really inspired me that if I continue working hard I will continue to grow in my acting career, too.

Do you have a formal training? If so where?

Yes, when I’m not on set, I’m always studying and working. I’ve trained in the best places I can find in LA and New York since I was small. I’ve taken classes at The Groundlings, The AFA Studios, Camp Hollywood, AClassAct New York, and several others. I also stay sharp with private acting and voice lessons from LA teachers and I attend several LA workshops.

Whats a day in your life like? What's your day to day routine?

Well, if I’m not onset, I’m studying, taking acting classes, but I also work hard to stay fit. I play a lot of tennis, football and do a lot of weightlifting and running. I’m also learning how to drive!

Can you name top 5 favorite movie of all time and why?

My top 5 favorite movies of all time are:

1. Napoleon Dynamite

2. Hot Fuzz

3. Baywatch

4. 21 Jumpstreet

5. Dodgeball

They all make me laugh so hard, and I can watch them over and over again!  There are so many different types of actors in all of them, but I especially love The Rock in Baywatch and Jonah Hill in 21 Jumpstreet.

Do you have any other projects you would like to mention?

Yes,! You can see me in the series, “Gaslit” coming out in April on Starz. It is based off of another podcast called Slow Burn and tells the story of the Watergate scandal in the 70’s from a little bit different point of view. It stars Julia Roberts as the wife of Nixon’s attorney general, and her character was one of the first to speak out about Watergate. I’ve also got a feature film coming out this summer, called Adeline. It’s also a true story. It’s family movie about a healing horse who helps to heal children and adults with disabilities through equine therapy. It’s really a classic horse movie that also tells the story of how she manages to save several townspeople from a rare tornado that ripped through the town in November. Also, I just wrapped filming a feature Christmas movie in the UK, called, “Saving Christmas Spirit”.  It takes place in the Scottish Highlands and it’s a rom com Christmas story that stars Ashley Newbrough from Privileged and Christmas for Keeps, as well as James Robinson from Outlander and Braveheart. My character, Finn, is a high school clubby player with his own parallel story. He’s struggling to connect with Caitrin, who is trying to build support for a girl’s rugby team. She’s played by Layla Burns, who’s also been seen in Outlander. It was absolutely incredible filming in the Scottish Highlands and we had so much fun!