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The Most Accomplished Disney Actress: Madeleine McGraw

The Most Accomplished Disney Actress: Madeleine McGraw

Actress Madeleine McGraw of Disney Channel series “Secrets of Sulphur Springs"/ouch magazine

Photographer: Katie McGehee ,   Makeup: Michaeline Becker ,  Hair: Harper Leblanc

Styling: Veronica Graye ,  Interview  Editor  : Rhonda McKnight

Can you-tell me more about your role as Zoey Campbell’ on the Disney Channel series “Secrets of Sulphur Springs"?

Zoey is a very quick-witted fraternal twin and the younger sibling to Griffin. She has a little bit of sass at times, but I actually love that about her. She really loves her twin, Wyatt, but doesn’t always like to show it. Sometimes you see it, especially when she is nervous or scared, she then always wants Wyatt close by. 

How did you prepare for this role ? Where is it filmed?

Zoey wasn’t that difficult to prepare for because I relate to Zoey so much. We are around the same age, I also have a twin brother in real life and I love trying to solve problems and mysteries in real life. 

Secrets of Sulphur Springs is filmed in New Orleans. I absolutely love filming there. I love the architecture, the people, the music and I especially love the food!! 

Do you travel with your parents or siblings? If not how do you feel about filming as a young actress? Do you ever get nervous?

I usually travel with one of my parents. If we are going to be away for a long time, my other parent and siblings will come for a visit. I have two brothers and a sister. Those visits are always amazing. I love having my family around. We are really close. 

On this last trip to New Orleans to film the second season of Secret’s of Sulphur Springs, I got to take my dog Rudy with me. It was so fun having him there, especially after long hot days on set. 

I only get nervous when I am filming a super emotional scene. I always want to be present for the other actors in the scene, so making sure I am really, really there, can make me feel nervous. I never want to let another actor down, so I always try to come to set as open and as prepared as possible. 

Who do you look for to advise you on which roles are a good fit? Do you ever dream about a starring role ? If so what kind and who would be your ideal co-star?

I usually trust myself when it comes to choosing roles. After reading a role, I know if it’s a character I would want to learn more about or dive into. 

I have a movie coming out this summer called The Black Phone. As soon as I read that character, I knew I had to play her. Gwen really had something special and she really resonated with me from the start.  

I dream about a lot of roles. They don’t have to be starring roles, but the characters have to be interesting. I really just enjoy being a part of the storytelling process. 

When I was 5, I got to play Bradley Cooper’s daughter in American Sniper. I would love the opportunity to act alongside him now that I am older and have learned so much more of my craft. 

Besides yourself , who do you most admire in Hollywood right now?

I really admire a good friend of mine who has been super supportive of my career from the beginning. Her name is Megan Park. She is currently on the list of top 10 directors to watch. She acts, writes, and directs. She is definitely someone I admire and look up to. Her directorial feature, The Fallout, drops on HBOMAX this month. I am so excited for her and what her future holds. 

Name 3 top songs that you can’t live without? 

Anything from the Guardian’s of the Galaxy soundtrack. 

Dynamite by BTS, 

It started with a Whisper by Neon Trees. 

Who is your favorite musician? 

I guess I would say Taylor Swift, but I love Elvis Presley and The Beetles too! 

Whats your beauty routine like? Any tips and tricks that you would like to share for your fans?

I definitely just started a skincare routine. I feel like once I turned 13, my skin decided to change. I use several different products, but I definitely can’t live without my Kate Somerville facial cleanser. 

I also play club soccer, so to help my skin and my energy, I drink a ton of water. I think water is the most important thing in anyone’s skincare routine. 

What other skills do you have that may surprise us?

 I play club soccer competitively and I also play the ukulele. 

What other projects are lined up for this year?

I mentioned it earlier, But I have a super cool Blumhouse movie called The Black Phone, starring Ethan Hawke, coming out June 24th. It’s going to be super creepy and the performances are going to blow you away. My friend Mason Thames who plays my brother is amazing in this.  


How can fans follow you via social media? Do you actually read your accounts?

I am mostly active on Instagram at @madeleinemcgraw and I am on Twitter @maddygmcgraw (though I mostly just retweet)

I actually do read my accounts when I am on. It’s very nice to see all the sweet and supportive comments. It means a lot.