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Cobra Kai’s  Aedin Mincks " Under 21 to Watch"

Cobra Kai’s Aedin Mincks " Under 21 to Watch"

Photographer Nikki Mincks


Where do you film Cobra Kait and How was it on the set of Cobra Kai?

We film Cobra Kai in Atlanta Georgia.  I started in season 2 and it was so surreal- the cast and crew are a lot of fun to hang out with. We have all become great friends on and off set. It's a dream job. 



Did you already know martial arts? If so, how? What type of training did you have to go through for this role?

Not really. I took Taekwondo as a kid and a little Gracie Jiu-Jitsu private training more recently. Most days, we just meet up with the stunt coordinators and we train with them.


I know you are too young but were you a fan of the karate kid  movies? What scene do you remember, if any?

Prior to booking the show, I had only seen The Karate Kid with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. After watching season 1 of Cobra Kai on Youtube, I knew it was something special and watched all of the originals. The third is my favorite, Silver was just so crazy out there. 



Do you prefer being the bad guys or the good one and why?

I personally enjoyed being Hawk's goon/right-hand man and messing with the Miyagi-do's. On the other hand, I also like going back to being friends again with Chris. Mitch and Chris were like brothers. Johnny was originally thought to be the bad guy in the original Karate Kid, but now we all realize it's based on each person's point of view. 



How excited were you when you heard it was renewed for a 4th season?

‘Extremely. But not surprised.’ 


What other projects would you let fans know so they can support you?

I have my previous work on Ted, Hangover 2, and then on the flip side / more family or kid friendly  - Disney's A.N.T. Farm. Nothing new currently aside from Cobra Kai....yet.


How can your fans follow you via social media?

Instagram, Twitter (which I haven't used in a long time):  @AedinMincks