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Actress Sammi Hanratty x Ouch Magazine

Actress Sammi Hanratty x Ouch Magazine




 Interview  Rhonda McKnight 

Let us know more about your new role in Lifetime’s “Seeds of Yesterday,” which will be premiering this April 2015.

My character Cindy is a shameless flirt who enjoys twirling older men around her finger. She acts out sexually with men she barely knows to try and get over the one man she has always wanted...her brother Bart. The two of them have a love/hate relationship.

 How do you prepare for a role?

Even though the process can be different for each role, there are certain things I do for each one. I research as much as I can about the character. Getting to know them on an intimate level and how they'd behave is one of my favorite parts of acting. I love being able to bring a character to life!

 What advice can you give to girls who want to follow your footsteps and be an actress?

If it's your passion then don't give up! Follow your dreams! We only get one life so dream big and do what will make you happy and what you think is best for you in any situation!

 What tv shows are you currently addicted to? WHY?

I truly love Salem! I'm being honest. It's just so well done with the writing, the set design, the wardrobe, the incredible acting, and every other detail that goes into it. It's just really well executed! I also really love The Walking Dead, Red Band Society, Criminal Minds, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

What do you call your personal style?

Whatever my mood is for the day! I really love mixing up my style pretty much on the daily!

Who's your favorite designer or what brand do you love this season?

I love shopping only at and my favorite stores have to be Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters.

 Any Hollywood Crushes that we can help with? Are any actors you crazy over?

I've always really liked Matthew Gray Gubler! I'm obsessed with her character Spencer on Criminal Minds. It would be a dream come true to work with him.

 What actress inspired you to your career so far?

Shirley Temple was the first actress to inspire me to want to be an actress. Over the years some of my inspirations have been Meryl Streep, Saoirse Ronan, and Jennifer Lawrence.

10.)What do you think of reality tv and would you ever be on it?

I actually enjoy watching reality TV. I personally wouldn't be on it because keeping my personal life private is very important to me. I'm not gonna lie though, I watch a lot of it!

We know you are very active in charity work. Can you spread the message of your lasted projects and organizations your current working with? I work with Smile train and actually recently went to Mexico with them! I met with previous patients, meet current patients, watched cleft surgeries, and even visited some of the patient's homes! I'm also planning a trip with them this summer to visit the hospitals in India! I'm so blessed to be able to be a part of Smile Train. Giving a child a smile can change their entire life!

 What's in your music collection?

Taylor Swift, Hillsong Worship, and Of Monsters and Men.

Any hidden hobbies that you care to share with your fans that they may not know about you?

I just love being spontaneous! I love going to the beach at midnight, or just going somewhere new! My friends and I will pick a place to road-trip to and just go.

 Its Spring and this is the 'IT GIRLS issue' of Ouch! Magazine. How do you stay grounded in life and what inspires you?

The things that keep me grounded are my family, friends, myself and most importantly God! My friends are the type to feed my soul, not my ego. Life is way too short to have toxic people in your life! I mentioned "myself" because I've realized that one way to stay grounded is by thinking "am I making my 8-year-old self-proud right now? How about my 50-year-old self?" It puts so many things in perspective! I also want to make my family proud, of course! They have supported me all the way and I'm forever grateful for that! And lastly, but most importantly, God! Just always remembering that we are all created in His image is more than enough of a reason for me to stay as grounded as possible!