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Young Hollywood Actress  Chandler Kinney One to Watch

Young Hollywood Actress Chandler Kinney One to Watch




Editor Interview: Rhonda McKnight  

What kind of background do you have as a professional actress?

What was the hardest thing about getting your foot in the door? I have gotten the privilege to work on a variety of shows and I believe they all have helped me get to where I am now! From shows with older audiences such as “90210” and “American Horror Story,” to shows for children like “Haunted Hathaways” on NICKELODEON, “Girl Meets World” on DISNEY, and “Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street” on AMAZON, I've received an abundance of knowledge. Every day on set is a day spent in class. Honestly, the hardest part about breaking into the business was maintaining consistency. Many discredit the amount of time, work, sacrifice, and commitment required to progress in the entertainment industry. Being persistent is key. It takes courage and tenacity to give everything you have in an audition, get rejected, and then get up and move onto the next one, especially at such a young age. It's difficult to not take things personally under such personal circumstances.

Describe your relationships on set? Who's the funny one?

The whole cast is really close. For me, I'm closest to the people I directly work with: The Murtaugh Fam. Damon and Keesha have become really important people in my life and they create such a safe, positive environment for learning. Dante and I really act like siblings on and off the screen! As far as who's the "funny one"... my first thought is Damon (for obvious reasons). But outside of our family, Johnathan Fernandez (Scorsese on the show) is hilarious. He's like an older brother to me and always keeps me laughing.

Do you get to keep any clothes form you're acting jobs?

Occasionally, I'll get to keep some clothes from certain projects I'm working on. Our wardrobe team on Lethal is amazing and they let me keep a couple of fun items from my favorite Season 1 outfits! Rihanna has a cool, edgy sense of style and I absolutely love getting to see what I'm going to wear each time I walk into my trailer (especially this coming season!).

Who are your favorite designers?

For red carpets, I love wearing Alice + Olivia, Ted Baker, and Jay Godfrey but for casual clothes, some of my favorite brands are Madewell, Forever 21, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Under Armour and Adidas.

Who is your favorite style icon and why?

One of my many favorite fashion icons is Janelle Monae. I love her bold and powerful, yet classy and sophisticated looks. Everything she wears is daring and cutting-edge, and she wears it with such confidence.

What is your own personal style?

I truly have a very eclectic fashion sense, so I'm always trying new things with my wardrobe. I love switching up my style depending on the occasion/event. Yet, whatever style my look is inspired by for an appearance, I try to keep it youthful and classy.

What’s your beauty tip for hair and make-up?

Biggest beauty tip: proper care! Honestly, finding a good skin care routine was everything I needed! Using products that work for your specific skin type is essential! I have a process consisting of 6-7 products: face wash, makeup remover (if necessary), toner, essence, mask, medication cream, and then moisturizer. This sounds like a lot, but I only do this once or twice a week! And there are so many great products that you can find for an inexpensive price.

Where do you call home?

Los Angeles, California is home for me. I'm a Cali girl, born and raised. Although I want to travel the world and experience the beauties and wonders of other places, LA will always have my heart.

What’s the favorite place you have visited and where would you love to go in the future?

One of my favorite places I visited was Tokyo, Japan. The people and their culture were so wonderful to experience firsthand and I'd love to go back one day. I also want to visit Europe again! One of my dream locations to visit in Venice, Italy.

Give One Answer to the following below:

a. Girl Group or Solo

b. Rihanna or Beyonce

c. Summer or Fall

d. Takeout or Dine Out

e. West or East Coast

f. Girl Squad or no girl squad

g. Twitter or Instagram

Who's your Hollywood crush alive or dead?

I don't have one lol What can we look forward to seeing you in  2018-19?

As of right now, I'm just focused on Season 2 of Lethal Weapon! I have absolutely no idea what the future holds, but I promise it will be extraordinarily exciting!

Do you have any last words?

Thank you so much Ouch! Magazine  for this interview and thank you so, so much to everyone who continuously loves and supports me!

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