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8 Ways You Can Improve Your Delivery Driver's Jobs

8 Ways You Can Improve Your Delivery Driver's Jobs

For most people, delivery drivers are often a forgotten part of the process when it comes to delivering products. It might sound really strange, but neither the customer or the reviews for your services will have given a single thought to the delivery driver of the truck. However, delivery drivers work seriously long hours and are given deadlines that they must adhere to. They are often far away from their loved ones for long periods of time and quite frankly, deserve much more recognition for the work they do.

That’s why, as a business owner, you should do your best to make sure you look after your delivery drivers. After all, they’re the ones responsible for making sure your deliveries get to where they need to be on time and in good shape. But with the nature of the job, how can you do that? Let’s take a look.


Have loaders ready at pick up times

The last thing a delivery driver wants to do after driving for long periods of time and delivering (and sometimes installing) items to your customers is to have to load up another truck’s worth of deliveries. Once they get back to HQ, they should have time to use the bathroom, get some food and drinks, and take some time to relax their minds before getting back on the road. That’s why it’s a good idea to have loaders ready to restock your delivery trucks when they get back. Giving them some time to rejuvenate will make a huge difference to their mood, motivation, and respect for your customers. And, in turn, this will reflect well on your business.

Provide fuel on site

It might be difficult for your drivers to find a garage that will fit your delivery truck, so why not make it easier for them by filling up the tank on site of your pick up bay? Not only can you monitor more closely how much fuel is being consumed, but you can fit cummins filters so that you know the engines of your delivery trucks are at optimal performance. There are so many ways to safely store fuel on site, but make sure you take into consideration other environmental factors too. Not only that, imagine how much time you and your drivers will save each year by filling up on site rather than trying to find a garage that can accommodate?

Make sure there are refreshments available

Being on the road for long periods of time can be exhausting, and it’s understandable that your drivers will want some refreshments to help them stay hydrated and alert. Rather than expecting your drivers to provide these for themselves, why not keep a fridge stocked up at HQ not only for their resting time, but also for when they head off back on the road? Stock your supplies up with drinks full of electrolytes, and provide them with snack options like sandwiches, nuts, fruit and other foods that will help keep them satiated and ready to do their job. 


If your drivers are doing an overnight delivery, make sure you front at least some of the cost for their food and drink too. This can be done by giving them a monthly allowance, or owing them back with receipts upon return - whatever works best for you. Either way, the compassion you’re showing will go a long way and help keep job satisfaction levels high.

Check alcohol consumption levels

You already know how dangerous it is to drive over the limit, and we don’t need to tell you that alcohol can still be in the system even the day after drinking. However, while you can’t stop your employees from enjoying an alcoholic drink when they’re not at work, you can make sure they don’t drive if they’re over the limit. While a breathalyser might seem extreme at the start of each shift, you should take the time to have your drivers take regular and random breath tests to avoid them taking a risk when it comes to driving your delivery trucks.


It’s up to you to make sure that your drivers and other road users are safe when they are driving in your company trucks. So, having regular breath tests will encourage your drivers either not to drink the night before a shift, or to drink within reason so that they aren’t a potential danger when it comes to getting behind the steering wheel.



Give them fairer schedules

One of the biggest problems delivery drivers face is the unfair schedules and time slots they have to stick to. Did you know that at least 1 in 5 Amazon drivers have been hospitalised on the job as of late? This is due to injuries suffered trying to make sure deliveries are made on time and also fatigued drivers passing out from dehydration and exhaustion. Not only is this bad for their health, morale and motivation, it’s just dangerous. It’s so important to give your drivers the time they need for essential human needs like eating, drinking and using the bathroom when they need to.


When you’re on the road for a long time, it’s easy to get tired and lose focus of what’s happening around you. That’s why you should make sure your drivers have a regular break to refresh their minds and continue on the road in the safest way possible.


You should also take into consideration the days your drivers have away from work. If they’ve just completed a particularly large stint of driving, perhaps overnight or a few days away from home, then you should try and make sure they have a few consecutive days off to make sure they get some relaxation and personal time in too. Having a driver back on the road too soon after a heavy few shifts could be dangerous both physically and mentally.

Make it easy for them to communicate

Being on the road can be isolating, especially if you’re on an overnight haul or you’re travelling across the country for a few days. While you and your drivers know that they shouldn’t use their phones or any other devices while on the road, you should do your best to make sure that your drivers can easily communicate with people in the office (and at home when they’re outside of driving hours.) Look for a high quality bluetooth headset that will allow them to communicate handsfree. Not only will the journeys be less isolating for them, but it’s a safe way to make sure any important information can get to your drivers and vice versa.


If you really wanted to up the ante, fit all of your delivery trucks with smart GPS systems that also accommodate calls. This will help your drivers easily get in touch if needed, and you’ll be able to track exactly where they are at all times. Not only that, having a smart GPS system rather than relying on maps or memory will help make sure deliveries are made on time, if not before schedule.

Do regular risk assessments

No matter how safe or careful your drivers are on the road, accidents still can happen. When it does, it might be because delivery trucks are the problem instead. Your delivery drivers should naturally be doing checks before they set off to make sure they’re safe to drive, but it’s your responsibility to make sure that they are up to scratch as well. If any problems are noted from the driver, get the vehicle fixed right away. And, be sure to take your delivery trucks in for servicing at least every six months so that you can catch any potential problems early on. If you have particularly large or heavy delivery trucks, there may be extra considerations that you need to keep in mind, so make sure you do your research.



Check on their health

If you’ve ever been unwell and had to drive, you’ll know all too well how difficult it can be, so this is something you should always keep in mind when it comes to your drivers. While it’s fine to drive with small illnesses like the common cold, you should make sure that no one drives when they are under the weather, even if they’ve turned up willing and ready to do a day of work.


Take the time to speak to your drivers at the start of each shift so that you can assess their health, and make sure you arrange yearly health checks to make sure they’re in the best condition at all times. Some underlying illnesses and diseases can crop up at any time, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.


As the head honcho of a company delivering goods to their customers, it’s important to think of every aspect. You’ve got the customer experience nailed, your products are amazing, and your brick and mortar shop is thriving. Don’t fall down and neglect the health and safety of your delivery drivers. Follow these tips to improve their working conditions and their job satisfaction!

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