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4 Testosterone Myths You Must Stop Believing!

4 Testosterone Myths You Must Stop Believing!

Most people know testosterone as the male sex hormone. It helps fuel your sex drive, contributes to the growth of body hair, and assists in the development of male sex organs during puberty. It has countless other purposes too - such as aiding muscle growth - but there are so many myths about testosterone it’s become hard to sort the fact from the fiction. 

We’re busting some of these myths wide open, so you know exactly what to believe. Here are the main testosterone myths you should stop believing right away: 

High Testosterone Levels Make You Super Angry

There has long been a correlation between men with high testosterone and aggression/anger. The theory goes that having high testosterone will make you much more irritable and angry. 

This is false. 

Countless studies have looked at this link and discovered that there is no connection whatsoever. Aggression and anger are likely linked to other factors, such as the person’s upbringing and their life experiences. 

Don't believe this myth; if anything, having good testosterone levels will help you regulate your mood more effectively. This can (ironically) lead to you getting less angry or being able to control your emotions better. 

Decreasing Estrogen Will Help You Boost Testosterone

Estrogen is one of the main female sex hormones and both men and women produce it. Women make far more than men, which helps give them the typical “female” characteristics. This led to the myth that lowering your estrogen levels will give your testosterone a boost. 

Theoretically, this means you see all the benefits of high testosterone, such as improved muscle mass, better bone density, a higher sex drive, and much more. 

We’ve got news for you; this statement is false. Decreasing estrogen will NOT help you increase your testosterone levels. Modern medical professionals agree that estrogen blockers are harmful to men. When undergoing testosterone replacement therapy, you’re no longer encouraged to take estrogen-blocking medication as it’s better for your estrogen and testosterone to increase together. 

A lack of estrogen alongside testosterone can cause many health complications in men. If you want to increase your T-levels, don’t try to decrease your estrogen production. 

Testosterone Supplements Will Increase Your T-Levels

Speaking of increasing your T-levels, you’ll find loads of testosterone supplements on the market these days. They can be bought from places like Amazon or your local pharmacy and are relatively unregulated as they’re classified as “health supplements” like protein powder or BCAAs. 

The myth is that these supplements are all that’s needed to increase testosterone in your body. As a result, men around the world buy them, largely hoping that it gives them a boost in the muscle growth department. What tends to happen is…well…nothing. Any testosterone increases are coincidental and likely down to a placebo effect where the person starts doing things that naturally boost testosterone, rather than the supplements having an impact. 

Say it loudly for the people in the back: testosterone supplements do not work. 

Don’t waste your money - if you want to improve your T-levels, making some regular lifestyle changes can be all that’s necessary. For people with hypogonadism (the medical term for low testosterone) these supplements are as useful as sugar pills. The only known way to treat hypogonadism is through TRT - which is a medical treatment, not a health supplement. 

Having High Testosterone Gives Your Manhood A Boost

Ah yes, this is a classic myth that has every man scrambling to rapidly boost their testosterone. If you produce high levels of testosterone, it will make your “manhood” bigger. Is this true? Of course not! 

The only way to make your manhood bigger is through surgical procedures, so how the hell has this myth come about? Like most medical myths - particularly those involving testosterone - it stems from manipulating facts. 

During puberty, testosterone will increase the size of your manhood. But this is all part of a natural process and it stops when puberty subsides. We think part of this myth also comes from testosterone’s link to erectile dysfunction. Enhancing your T-levels can lead to stronger erections - but this doesn’t mean your manhood is getting bigger! It doesn’t work like that, so if you somehow fell for this lie, it’s time to stop wasting your money on the countless testosterone-boosting supplements you’ve been buying. 

Why is it important to understand testosterone and avoid these myths? For one, testosterone plays a pivotal part in maintaining balanced hormones in men. Moreover, it can help you feel and look healthier when you’re producing “normal” amounts. The problem with these myths is they may lead you to try and overproduce testosterone, which leads to an imbalance and can cause long-term health problems. Separate the fact from the fiction and you’ll be okay! 

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